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  1. 1. *Somewhere 2. *Else 3. *Where 4. *Which 5. *Going to and finally 6. As far as official maps go, I highly doubt there will be any official maps beyond the portion of Kentucky we are going to get (the area between Louisville and Fort Knox). That being said, you should probably take a look at Cherbourg.
  2. Reason why I say "allegedly." I've heard mixed things.
  3. I mean, I'm told that there is allegedly a very *slight* chance you *might* live. But the point of the game is "One Bite, You're Dead" If you don't like it, you can always go into Sandbox options and turn off zombie infectivity.
  4. Update: The issue might be "SurfaceSnap" since this tile does not have "Ignore Surface Snap" selected.
  5. Going to keep this brief, but what I'm asking is for someone to unclick "IsFloor" on a couple of tiles. The issue is as follows. I have homes that look like this But in game they look like this And causes them to offset to the next tile I am talking about these roof tiles, which for lack of a better term, the top is "High", the middle one is "Mid" and the bottom one is "Floor" I believe this happens because the high and mid tiles are marked as "IsFloor" in the editor.
  6. While the devs haven't said anything publicly, I don't think they are adding boats. That being said, the boat and plane mods look *really* good so I wouldn't mind too much.
  7. Hmm... This is the tiledefs for the default metal shelves, Maybe you forgot to define something in here? What does your tile definitions for it look like?
  8. There is a reason that on Gateway we have a whitelist, with each character having their own account; Unique Username/Password. This leads to each player possibly having their own account for each character, considering they need to apply via the forums to make sure their character is legal (ie. has some thought put into it), we know who is playing who.
  9. I'm not sure why this has not been posted already, but and many other members of the community would like the ability to have the ability to open/close jackets, in a system much like the one that hoodies have to raise/lower the hood, as well as the ability to change hat orientation.
  10. I really hate to be that guy, but do we know when we'll get access to at least some of the tiles? I really want to use those walls in a project, I'm not going to lie.
  11. It's an optical illusion to perceive height, or as I like to call it, the "Age of Empires" Technique. As for passing through them, it wouldn't be to hard to set these tiles to walls in all intensive purposes, meaning movement could be impeded.
  12. I mean, it might be a good idea to only use one map mod at a time... or you know, ask nicer.
  13. I've never heard anyone call soda "pop" in the US. Edit: I misread what Lemmy said but I can't delete because I'm a moron
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