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  1. A thread with buildings I'd like to share as I release them. This will include most of the buildings from Valley Station Town, with I've both recreated from vanilla are original. Furthermore, I will upload some buildings from my upcoming Kalapuya, Oregon, project. Link To Repository
  2. An option to limit the range of viewable text in multiple, and also have it is harder to view text on other Z levels.
  3. Honestly, OP seems just to be a troll accusing the devs of "copying" a completely different game.. The only place where that is even remotely true is the one place in PZ where they admit they did it.... in the scenario called "A Really CDDA Day" where... they did actually copy a CDDA starting scenario as a tribute to that game... That's literately the only thing the developers straight up copied...
  4. Yeah, I've been there so so so so many times when looking for answers to questions and the top google search being "nevermind, found the solution" without an explanation sucks lol.
  5. The quintessential "Not a bug, but a feature."
  6. I'm pretty sure the devs have deconfirmed and made it clear that aren't doing this. There are mods that exists if you want it though.
  7. I'm a dumbass... "worldobjects.lua" needs to be "objects.lua"
  8. So... in one of my projects right now I'm currently attempting to overwrite some base game cells, however, despite getting my own objects in the world at this point, the game opts to spawn the base game world objects instead. So...how to I stop the game from spawning the base game world objects and instead spawn mine. It doesn't seem to be reading my worldobjects.lua for whatever reason.
  9. EnvyDemon

    Raven Creek

    Nice! I like it so far. Great work.
  10. Hello. I'm currently working in a map with a blank zombie spawn map and I've noticed that there is this one somewhat large building, that seems to produce at least 20-25 zombies within it consistently, except in situations where it is spawned as a survivor house, in which it only spawns 5-6, when, the reverse should be true. So... I'm not understanding the algorithm correctly, since I can't find a concrete answer, but what exactly determines the amount of zombies to spawn in a building?
  11. I should include some screenshots, sorry about that, I hope this makes my problem a bit more clear
  12. Hi, I'm having issues getting certain floor overlays to actually show up in game. A lot of the time, a lot of them won't load in (blends, street curbs). Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  13. 1. 300 x 300 2. A lot. I haven't counted, but somewhere between... 50-100ish. 3. Depends on how you go about it. However, new cells are able to be inserted into a map whenever you need them, and you can always resize the map if needed. 4. Extremely. Basiclly all custom maps from build 40 work in the IWBUMS, with the exception other profession zombies, which are Lua objects that I don't think will be supported until the devs release the next version of WorldEd
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