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  1. hello I did as you told but right now I encountered another issue, if I place emptyoutside floor on my flat roof then it disappears but witout emptyoutside floor it shows normally
  2. so if i will make emptyoutside room with all textures set to "None", then floor will stil exist and I can walk on it, but I just will not see it?
  3. hi can you explain on how to put fences/railings on top of the roof? i found railings but they are directed to 2 sides and there are only 1 corner
  4. thanks for the advice it helped, but i encountered additional issue, there is a gap between roof tile and room floor, is there any more advices how to fix it? p.s. can you look at this issue and help with it?
  5. hello, what i do wrong, when I draw rooms i see additional walls that shouldn't be there and when i put room near mark1 i see room behind it as there is no wall
  6. what tile definitions are used for office rooms?
  7. hello, i made map with 2 buildings tried to run it on PZ vehicle and stable and I always receive and error after choosing game mode help me please
  8. Larnest

    Slay Bells Ring

    please, can someone explain last paragraph?
  9. is there any plans to expand capabilities of BuildEd, e.g. round buildings with round halls, possibility to construct buildings on 1/2 floor above ground (in post soviet union countries first floor of buildings are 1-1.5 meters above ground)
  10. how should i add railings to staircase which oriented like this, if turn it 90 degree counterclockwise then its ok, but i need it like this is there any fences to close edges of the roof?
  11. hello, I decided to create few buildings by myself but I encountered some isues that troubles me, for details see spoiler
  12. ok, you close this pop-up then you are in situation that you need to check the rules, and you cant find them, because pop-up screen is closed, best you will have to disconnect form server enter server and then read the rules, but if it will be in ServerWelcomeMessage then you will have to only open chat window and thats all
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