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    Zombie turn their head somultaniously - that looks pretty wierd and unrealistic.
  2. When zombie falls near a windows/door, character attacks these objects instead of zombie who lies on the ground - must change angle of attack to hit ground. Also i've witnessed some minor freezes, not sure yet why and when they occur. Weight traits now a deep cancer as they should be, thanks for tweaking! _
  3. Hemophobic now its the worst trait after restless sleeper. One zombie and you are covered in blood.
  4. first one mini brown tree is the most dangerous one they have the same texture with standart offroad bush
  5. Would be awesome, i drive over them on my every rural trip, not clue why they are so dense ingame
  6. Every day my hatred towards them is growing (like they do). They stop your heavy loaded van like a brick wall. They make scratches even with simple walking. They are barely visible at 60mph and almost insibile during the night. It takes 5 real life minutes for 10 zombies to tear my car's door apart yet one sappling can crush my TRUNK to 50% just because i drive past this insivible crap. God, why ?.jpg
  7. Summer clothies do not cover whole ur body, you can attach some patches to designed spots. So you can protect some arms, but hard to get neck resistance.
  8. Awesome idea, would like to transport planks/logs with my shopping cart!
  9. So it turns base 25% bonus into 32% only ? It looks overpovered when i pick some 125% perks or read books, otherese bonus is meh.
  10. Yeah noticed my potatoes being dead, was wondering why iam so unlucky with a timing to harvest.
  11. Is FAST LEARNER a useful trait ? Want to level Aiming skill without picking up professions. These 30% aplly to base (25%) boost or just flat addition ? Turning 25% into 32% does not look like a big boost and worthy of 6 points.
  12. Would could be worse when you have been caught by zombie with huge af antiqeue oven in your hands and your character is not able to drop it because no reasons. Thats how i died.
  13. I've looted all Muld warehouses + Logging on the west, barely found ~50 bullets.
  14. Even with 7+ carpentry their druability is crap, they break too fast.
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