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  1. Second that, the sound of guns is pretty meh.
  2. Any chance to leave that mansion in the game ? damn love that place
  3. Try cryogenic winter mod, it makes winter really, really cold, so you have to pay an attention for it (collecting very warm clothes, staying inside during winter storm and constantly gathering sources to heat yourself)
  4. Cool mansion pliz dont remuv qq
  5. Could some1 elaborate hows that technically possible and how he aims straight to the house doors ?
  6. You can read about nutrition system here: https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Nutrition
  7. For the standart vanilla vehicles there is a temperature difference between ouside temp and inside-car temp usually around 5-6 degrees. Downloaded some random mod with cars, but there is no difference in temp once you enter the vehicle, the same temperature as ouside. Could some1 please guide me where i'am able to fix this setting ?
  8. It's true, knives became "imma roleplaying sneky sneky assasin" niche gameplay. Back in the days player had to decide should he start animation v 2-33 zombies or not, literally kiss curse, now you can only backstab or gtfo With high zombie dencity its pretty hard to find lonely target to kill, and if you do find it, in 90% situations its possble to simple stomp it or meele. Knives are good as spear attachment only.
  9. Knives are dead and mostly useless. RIP knives 2020, never forget, fallen victims of devs babysitting around few bads could not manage the stab animation
  10. In fact there is a wierd consumption that goes high only with particular amount of devices attached. - 5 10 20 etc For example, if you hover on "generator info" it shows the same amount consumed for 1 fridge + outdoor lamp as 1 fridge + popsicle fridge + 3 outdoor lamps. From my tests little devices like microwave oven do not increase overall consumption. At this very moment my base has: 1 big dridge, 2 popsicle friges, washing machine, 4 outdoor lamps, but generator consumes default amount of fuel. But once i attach second big fridge or 6th outdoor lamp, generator shows increased amount of consumption and drains fuel faster just by looks. Not sure if bug or intended.
  11. a-generator-gas-consumption-study
  12. Any car that starts faster ? Especially when driving backwards. The feeling you drive a sport car, not a heavy med van. Is it a bug that supposed to be reported ? Vehicle is fast as a rocket regardless of engine condition.
  13. I'am talking about heat source, not cooking toolkit. Not everyone starts during the summer wrapped with goods. This game tends to be realistic, do you really need STONES to build a campfire irl ? I have no clue why these absurd suggestions even come. "No you are not able to cut few planks of the wardrobe and burn them, u need STONES to set a fire". smh
  14. So in the middle of the city i'am not able to make a campfire because stones must be required to build up a simple pile of woods ? BS Better to make 2 types of fireplaces - safe one with stones and planks required (does not cause house fire), unsafe one with treebranches required (dungerous indoor)
  15. Is it technically possible to allow the payer to climb on a car ? Like this one (:
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