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  1. Now with flashlights and batteries being fixed its a true immersion loss to run cats eyes perk.
  2. Doubt there is some mechanic. We are usually parked in these 3 houses near a river. Literally every game, and i have never seen any zombie migrate there. Over month, over 6 months,. over a year. Even with insane population this place remains empty, but within 2 cells down there are million zombies on the field. So op is right, legal migration system is needed to keep player on feet and prevent completely safe places.
  3. Hi For example mgration - ingame zombies migrate within few cells, so when u set up a home on famous 3x house near a river, you wont ever meet some zombies unless you move out. Maybe there is some mod to force zombies to migrate around a map ? Something similar? Thanks in advance !
  4. Greetings. Do we know aprox date when cold weather/heaters will be as intended/added ? Atm its ezmode without additional cold settings.
  5. It's not possible still to have mixed type of zombies ? Shamblers and sprinters in 1 game ?
  6. Road events like workers, police etc
  7. Jesus christ thanks for FL/torch changes, you are the best.
  8. Can confirm, died cuz of this, shooting within 1 metter does nothing.
  9. Got bitten through 46% left window
  10. that new zombie ground grab animation is so cool !
  11. Metal fences provide wire Increased spawn of rods cigs and macthes on zombies damn its an absolutely next level cant wait for reliable light source for deep dark nights experience
  12. Yo make a rl video how fast you move with 2hander axe + backpack full of frige + gass can + tons of stuff you should have never contained there realistically. Current movement system is much better compare to that meme faceroll we had in 40 build. Its not minecraft.
  13. Vehicle storage randomly deletes items upon moving them. Place 2 lighters in the glove box. Wait 2 days. Remove lighters - they will turn into one. Sometimes cigarets and bats were disappearing as well. To recreate this issue, you must have 2+ items of the same type stored into vehicle. Right now i had 4 lighters in the glove box, moved em, got cut in half, moved them to the glove box again and they randomly dissapeared.
  14. Where is that exactly ? I've found only migration within one cell option. Iam playing sandbox since iwbum release, tried all options and never seen zombies travel outside of 2 cells. They can migrate from one cell to another (nearest), but it has never happened they traveled randomly too far. F.e. these 3 houses at the river are ALWAYS empty. Forever.
  15. God bless thank you. Fk sapplings!
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