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  1. Thanks a lot for not forgetting about mods <3
  2. Will be abused for an easy escape.
  3. Since the last proof upload and 52 patch release i havnt' seen this bug within maybe 20-30 new games. Maybe it was about tsar.lib as the same sleeping bug, their lib was updated recently.
  4. Read the topic, it does not work in every 4th game regardless of traits or injuries. Second - there are no traits blocking sprint.
  5. Once character woke up in the middle of the night he cant sleep again even with full tiredness. Only relog helps.
  6. Video proof of this bug https://i.imgur.com/rTssQX3.mp4
  7. @EnigmaGrey greetings, this guy is doing a god's work by repairing forgotten SS mod so many players like. Could you please assist him and provide small info needed for the repairment? Cheers
  8. Guys new update has been arrrived, where can i watch the log ? ___ found it, sorry
  9. They were 1 weight and crap reduction. Now they are 0.2 + 50 reduction, thats much better Its a fanny pack, not a garage warehouse to store trillion items
  10. Any source ? I 'havn't seen any message informing they are about to delete the durability indicator
  11. Eni confirmed they are going to investigate this issue. https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/5717866822629306576/
  12. My clock display (top right cocner) became huge af. Could some1 tell wich one option edits its size ?
  13. At this moment playing with Slow Healer + Severe wounds option in sandbox. Got lodged bullet > twiz > stitch > ripped sheets bandage (desinfected) it takes 1 day to cure the stich 1 more day to cure the scratch Firstly, i simply do not know why wound leaves scratch instead of laceration. Second,. it takes too fast to heal up even with ZERO points in first aid.
  14. Same distance, they simply react much faster.
  15. Same as you can see rain/snow or parts of the street.
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