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  1. Caturday


    New update gonna be a blast.
  2. Very usable with NPC mods up, crackling detects these pesky crouching sneakers. Realised i can not lock playermade door (PAIN), surrounded it with 3 layers of glass, that makes huge sound and wins smol time to draw a gun, few times saved my life.
  3. Solved the issue. Replased CZ mod with Sandbox+ mod, works wonders, allows to customize zombies and affects all zombies across the map. Still have a hope devs gonna make these zombo settings in the vanilla client.
  4. Mod stopped working for me for some reasons. Only zombies around me are converted. Once i travel further and meet new zombies, they are normal shamblers untill i relog.
  5. Please add sandbox settings to set up certain percntage of zombies on the map. For example: 20% shamblers 30% fast shamblers 50% sprinters etc Current random setting option spawns too many sprinters for a standart apoc population.
  6. When the mod set to 93% sprinters, only these zombies around me are sprinters. Once i drive few streets away, most zombies around are fast shamblers. Any way to fix this, or mod stopped working ? Last IWBUMS version, no other mods at all (tested).
  7. Change your wieed mouse, thats not how it should work, never happened to me.
  8. Caturday

    Home on the Range

    Gasoline changes are awesome, always wanted to get rid of these unlimited supplies,
  9. Please suggest something to force ingame player to move. Maybe some addon that makes zombies to migrate ? (i mean real migration not that "migration" we have now ingame). Using winter mods to be forced to gather really warm gear - meh. Tried super survivors with riders, but its meh as well.
  10. Turn rate if fun, its some small thing left that makes this game dangerous if your move is not calculated before.
  11. But how you gonna describe the location for these drops ?
  12. Your character is drinking from toilet water sink behind the toilet, not from the toilet iself. It shoult not grant unhappiness or sickness since the water there is pretty clear.
  13. Have you ever seen this spring ? Even a toddler is able to load up.
  14. Playing with customized zombies mod and making sprinters to be 10% pop makes sense. Atm 1-2 sprinters are doable, meanwhile 3+ is a death without a gun. With op's suggestion even one sprinter will be hard due to inertion.
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