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  1. • Version? 41.71 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? Singleplayer • Host or dedicated? - • Mods? No • Old or new save? New Save • Reproduction steps: Create a character then die and create a new character again in the same world, the music never plays until you enter and exit the game.
  2. D-23

    41.71 Released

    Its here!!!
  3. Wrong texture here , its in Muldraugh close to the Cortman Clinic The Temperature view is always selected its not supposed to be like that. This is supposed to be , this is version 41.68 And this magazine has wrong rotation and i don't know how to explain but it's not right , sorry.
  4. Yeah we see a lot of bug and other drawbacks in the new patch , we only need to wait to the Hotfix and the dev to fix this issues , the 3D objects and the temperature UI have a bug than the previous version does not present but well we need to wait
  5. Finally is here!! Tha'ts a lot of fixes to the game and new bugs is discovered and other not fixes yet , for example that water fill up animation of certain objects like the Chardonnay and Wine bottle has broken animations, I have a post in the bug report section and other pal make a post to the lightbulb not have their right texture , anyway thanks for this , this my report ,new bugs are in the bug report , we are really love PZ and their community
  6. As the title says, those bottles have broken animations, they appear floating in the character's right hand instead of in the hand where the water is being filled
  7. Oh sorry it was the bourbon empty bottle and the White wine or Chardonnay has the same issue , and thanks for respond
  8. Hi the indie stone!! I see a little issues in the game , i hope you fixed it soon : -The animation of filling water bottles because the models are wrong, for example in the empty bottle of Tequila, the bottle appears floating in the character's hand and not in the hand where the bottle is being filled and that in many other variants of empty bottles, please check. -The search focus need to translate fo spanish and the fishing menu needs to translate some options. Thanks for reading , i play Project Zomboid a lot and is a awesome game!!
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