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  1. Ah, I see. That's a .rar archive. It's like a .zip file. ya, i found that out from another post i made in the mod help section, i was told what to do by installing WINRAR and extracting it, found it out thanks to everyone who helped me.
  2. .rar thanks for link, gonna download and try
  3. so im trying to download mods and some of them dont come in a folder, just 1 file. no poster, lua, scripts, etc. just one file, help?
  4. now this may be a big suggestion, mainly because im suggesting camera turning, ok so who ever plays dont starve may have a idea of what i mean, like for instance if you are trying to loot a building but you dont see a zombie on a wall behind you or certain containers, you can hit a arrow key or something to turn your camera where you can see the other wall. also it would make a compass usable if you forgot which way is north. now i know thier is the "Fading wall" feature for this, but in my view this would make the game more realistic.
  5. ok so first topic i want to talk about is i like to goto walmart and get a liter of water so i can have water all day, why not have a giant bottle of water on project zomboid or at least cut out the bottom of one bottle and the top of another and get some duct tape. the second topic i want to talk about is if you almost drink your whole bottle of water it still weighs a pound and im tired of that, the weight should be more legit to how much water is left. example, having a bucket of water 1/8th full and then it still weights almost as much as a sledgy.
  6. Can you give us the download link please? http://www.mediafire.com/download/cr5fdcbovu1xivd/ApCom1.1+LuaNet.rar is one, for the ApCom mod straight off of these fourms, and i also tryed the pz-mod site and didnt work.
  7. help, im downloading some mods and they dont come in a folder, it just comes in a single thing thats just a basic thing i can open in a notepad, help?
  8. i been playing this, and when i aim my gun at a zombie i shoot invisible guns execpt the guns with normal gun textures
  9. let me rephrase, i would like a feature that you can load a different map (of course by lots of traveling) but you have your same character, lets say something like this, I understand but when you want to add new tiles it gets really hard. I mean like you want to add new items and stuff from such so you need to mood it and then ti becomes a problem and blah blah blah. Another city not in Kentucky would be cool. I think Nevada would be a cool addition. If i had the skill i would make it myself. but they are coming and i can wait to have a zombie gang raiding casinos in Las Vegas. he would like to see something like nevada, we can go cross country to get thier by hard labor of walking, car, RV, military support, etc. (of course of any of these will be added) your able to to that with your character that you still survive with.
  10. to some people you don't exactly pass out, but you fall asleep easier. it would be nice if thier was head trauma, (i think its a nice idea) but its very OP in multiplayer, everyone would be carrying a baseball bat to knock people out then finish them.
  11. now you may think this is crazy or it has a high chance of not happening, but i think you should be able to go to more citys kentucky or at least 1 more, because in a apocalypse you wont stay in one place long enough (as long you dont die,) you will move and lets say you dont have respawn loot on, your going to just wait for your death because you wont have anything around you that can be used it will be waste land with zombies, so you have to move. now im not saying you can end the game without death because after all, "This is how you died." And for the next topic i have in idea is that you catch a animal in a trap or a fish, you should have to stab it or snap its next to kill it because eating live animals isnt to good in my opinon, and if you dont kill it quick enough it can escape.
  12. instead of starting fire in microwave starting fire in stove (with wood, books, etc.).
  13. i like it BUT they would have to change the name because trademark.
  14. now dont hate on me but i know this sorta works if you fill a bottle with dirt or sand (or a can or etc.) it has a quieter shot for a few shots. also a silencer would be nice, people/zombies can hear it still, but its 100% easier to sneak around or just kill zombies without being heard as much, should be a rare tool though.
  15. i'd like a little dot for my mouse instead of the damn arrow on everything.
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