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  1. BioS

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I know this is totally late, but for people trying to spawn in items in single player using "Let Me Speak", the command should be /additem Player Name Mod.Item So if you named your character Peter Pumpkin, the code would be /additem Peter Pumpkin Hydrocraft.HCTradingcone Hopefully that helps someone along the lines as I was looking for the solution today as well.
  2. BioS

    Norwich ( W.I.P. )

    Not as of yet. I stopped working on it for a long while. Haha. Thank you. Well thank you. I will keep you in mind. I think you're right about releasing it as a building, as it may take me forever for finish this. Haha. I have a serveral farmers market's planned, so you're spot on..
  3. BioS

    Norwich ( W.I.P. )

    I call this world Norwich. It's made up of 4 county's; Haverport, Braford, Fall Lake, and Mensfield. The world is 15x9 cells. Pretty hefty. I want to eventually get it to sit on the map in that empty zone over the river ( assuming TIS staff doesn't fill that area in ). I want it to be accessible by bridge only. Albeit a broken bridge which will need to be 'fixed' by players in order to reach. This is just something I work on when I'm bored so I don't foresee it being finished, uh... For a very long time. But I figured I would share it and my progress as I go. Haverport is more of a farming, local town area. Bradford and Fall Lake are large cities. Mensfield is somewhere in the middle. Haverport Haverport Vegetable Farm Haverport Wheat Farm
  4. I dig this idea. Will probably try my hand at it over the weekend.
  5. Currently building and conditioning a server for role playing, yet zombies keep appearing in my player edited areas. I don't want to turn safehouses on for roleplaying purposes. However I've noticed that even if I've cleared out an area and begin building, zombies still seem to spawn in them. Is there a way to fix that? Perhaps changing the zombie spawn setting? As a note, the zombies NEVER spawn outside. Only ever in rooms. Every room has been 'rebuilt' so I don't understand why this is happening.
  6. BioS

    Server Not Responding

    So, I've set up many my fair share of private servers. But I can't seem to set up one on the latest builds. I assume there are now more steps involved? Not sure. Every server I make says "The server is not responding." under the Server List when I save. I noticed with the latest builds ( IWBUMS 32.26 (Steam) I'm on... ) it won't allow me to connect. I have the ports set up correctly, I used PF Port Checker to make sure my port was open. My server settings are the same as always ( 16261 ) etc. But no matter what I do, it says 'Connection Failed'. I'm really not sure how to rectify this.
  7. ~Feeds you cake.~ You're amazing, thank you so very much.
  8. So last night I decided I'm going to make my own map, got some ideas brewin' and woke up bright and early to hop on it. So today I read Thuztor's tutorial and have figured out how to create my own .bmp map, how to create buildings, input them into the map, etc. Essentially, aesthetically, I've got everything down packed. His tutorial is great but a bit hard to understand certain things. Coding I know will take me a couple hours to get down but I haven't really looked into it that much so far. I'll figure it out. Seems simple enough. One of those once you know, you know sort of things. Right now what I want to do I think has to do with coding but I need to know where to start in order to put what I've created thus far in game. I want to test it. It's important that the dimensions and placement is correct. I want to place a blank slap of earth in game to make sure it's right BEFORE I start going build crazy. I can build till the cows come home but it's not going to do me any good if it isn't exactly how I need it to be. ISSUE I essentially need to know how to input my map into my game. Please note, I literally just started learning today, so step by step instructions are helpful. Do I need to create a certain file or code? Is there a tutorial for this exact thing? Like Bedford Falls. It's off the map but is still connected and essentially expands the map. That's exactly what I want. I also want to be able to send the map to friends later. I know, from examining player maps downloads, that this involves replacing some of the WestPoint or Muldraugh original map files with your own .lotheaders, chunkdata, etc while inputting your own into the original map folders. I can see that much. And I'm starting to think that this is probably so simple that I'm thinking too much about it and thus it's becoming way more complicated than it actually is. If someone could post a link to a tutorial or several tutorials which explain how to do this, I would be greatful. Or if someone could explain it, that would be great. I have scoured the web and the forums and haven't found anything, but I know it's possible because... Well it's already been done. In Thuztor's tutorial at the end it starts explaining origin's and X/Y's. I'm going to assume that when I press Generate Lots -> All Cells that my World Origin is the placement of my map on the current one from the center of my map and each cell = 1 ? I don't know what is real anymore. o. o
  9. I remember seeing a mod for fixing broken windows. http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/MindMod/ But I don't think it allows you to add windows where there weren't any previously.
  10. A mod that allows us to make glass windows. I get that it would be near impossible to make glass windows without an EXTREMELY high heat source. But it would still be nice instead of having constantly open windows for us folks with large quarantine zones or communities trying to 'rebuild'. Maybe use a bag of sand or dirt with a fire and also melting down some kind of metal? >. < Not sure if this already exists, if it does, I need it. But I thought it would be really great for some of us.
  11. BioS

    Grass Seeds? ^^~

    That sounds even more marvelous. -u -
  12. I think it would be a sort of fun addition. I'm taking over the mall and building myself a little house on the roof. I have made a small vegetable garden up there so I know growing food atop buildings is possible. I was just enjoying some refreshments when I thought, "It would be nice to be able to grow grass up here and cover up some of this tile." I thought about just spilling some dirt down but that is a whole lot of digging that I'd have to do for very little reward. All white tile seems much better than all brown. But grass, that seems like the ticket. ^^
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