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  1. That's the one. Odd how it just stays there, no matter what...
  2. I was able to log in with a different name, but my old name is still on the list. Don't know how the character is still alive, but me logging in and out with a new one didn't seem to dislodge him either.
  3. Looks like my character got stuck on the server. The game froze when I tried to log out, now I can't reconnect. It says "User already connected". It has been like this for about 15 minutes... I thought it would time out, but no. I'm worried about what will become of my character if it still appears to be in game :/
  4. Great server, nice people, been playing here for a few days. It seems to be down at the moment, though.
  5. Played on here the last 2 days, met some nice people, had a great time overall. Recommended.
  6. Ah, so this is what duct tape will be for! I have been hoarding it, along with rope (which remains a mystery, but looks very useful). I'm excited for this new build!
  7. Darkness is fixed, now my save loads with proper lighting. Mouse zoom seems to work too. Will test more thoroughly later. Edit: Played 2 minutes and the game froze like in the first steam build (task not responding). I was just walking down the street :/
  8. It works for me. You can use the "Special BBCode" button in the editor (3rd button from the left in the top row) to insert the tags. Or just type spoiler and /spoiler in square brackets.
  9. I wanted to go in and get a screenshot of buildings blocking the view on the low graphics setting, but now I'm getting an utterly dark environment when I load up my save, similar to others who have posted before me: I can move around and stuff, but there seems to be no light in the world. That is indeed game-breaking. I had a great fort, a nice farm, tons of supplies and a buffed up character that has survived for over 2 months... I don't want to lose this save Edit: I can move, but I can't seem to perform any action or move items around in my inventory. So it's not just the lighting, unfortunately. This is under Win7, 4GB RAM, Radeon 5770. I haven't had this problem in any of the previous versions.
  10. I like all these food ideas. The spawns will be tweaked, I'm sure.
  11. Hahah, yes, that is one hell of a snack... And when your cooking skill improves, it goes even higher. I remember -250-ish the last time I made it Yes! I was just going to add this to the slow map reveal comment. When I turn down the graphics (G button), the map reveal is faster but the buildings' upper floors don't disappear properly and I seem to run on the roof while passing behind them. It's really confusing. I was being chased by a horde, ran into the NW warehouse, lost them and slept up on the roof, but I could only do this because I remembered the layout of the bottom 2 floors and could run up the stairs blind. I hope this gets fixed, otherwise I need to choose between super slow map reveal and vision blocking buildings True, but now it gives you the contents of the crate (which can be planks), so you can employ a "smash first, look later" policy. I think you can also use the sledge to knock down trees. Lemmy says we should try to figure it out, as if we were new players. It took me a while, but it seems alright. Now I can pretty much strafe circles around the zombies as I blast them with the shotgun :cool:
  12. I have experienced something similar (under Win7). It starts off all bright for a second before going back to the usual "all dark, need to look around to lift fog" business.
  13. Something similar is happening with the guns. I'm getting double, and maybe even triple shots sometimes, with a single left click. They drop a bunch of zombies, but they can also be wasteful.
  14. Excellent! Guns seem to have a pretty good chance of killing a zombie on the first hit now. I'm using the same controls as before, it seems to work fine. Maybe sneaking is no longer required? Not sure. I've also turned multi-core back on to see how the crashes are. Edit: No crashes so far, but the performance seems to have dropped significantly. I'm often running in blackness because the map cells stream in verrry slowly. I have to wait for them to load in, even if I just walk. The movement stops and starts too (but doesn't freeze indefinitely, like before). This is at 720p resolution, under Win7, quad cores running at 3GHz (and heavy load), 4GB RAM, 1GB Radeon 5770. The previous builds ran a lot more smoothly. Edit2: Got a crash after all. Same as in the previous steam build. Running around, screen freezes, task not responding. I could play a lot longer than in the previous Steam version though. Edit3: I managed to add a multi-story sheet-rope to a crafted window, but can't seem to do the same with another crafted window that has crafted floor / ceiling underneath (1 level down). Is that normal? Ropes can only go down to the ground?
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