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  1. Yeah, I don't think I need to be chugging refreshing Mountain Dew™ carbonated beverages and eating delicious Snickers™ bars in between bouts with my deadly HackMaster Pro™.
  2. Yeah, it's in the bug tracker already.
  3. I think you are. I wasn't arguing for or against renewability, only saying that it would be necessary to keep the game from ending when you run out of limited resources, unless that is the developers' aim. You don't need to convince me of anything.
  4. This is how you died. Not how you found a renewable resource and lived indefinitely, until the person playing the character died (though feel free to do so in sandbox). (And yes, Moose, that probably means foraging needs more love.)Surely people have starved in towns and cities located by bodies of water before, particularly in the winter. Why shouldn't you? I was making a statement of fact. I don't particularly care if the developers want a character's survivability to be limited to the number of winters they can last before they run out of food sources. It's an artificial wall as far as realism is concerned - yes, plenty of people have starved in winter, they've also found ways of surviving it even without the advent of jars or tinned food, that's why you and I are here today talking on the Internet - but there's no way I would ever want to play a game indefinitely, it gets painfully boring just sitting around surviving year after year.
  5. Gameplay-wise it's obvious enough that the intent is to make players rely on food stores through winter. Preservation is more novelty than anything else at the moment though, since the stuff required is either limited, uncommon or both. Most players that actually intend to play a long term game won't want to rely on limited resources to survive winter, which means they'll use cooking or foraging instead. When those are both nerfed there'll need to be a sustainable preservation method to prevent the maximum length of the game from being limited to how long the nonperishables and jar lids last, unless that's the aim.
  6. If you have a fishing line and something with which to cut through ice, you can ice fish. It isn't rocket science, you find a spot where you won't fall through the ice, punch a hole in it, drop your line and wait. Here's a of people ice fishing in Kentucky.I see no reason why you would think that a character proficient in fishing couldn't manage this. It should be more challenging than fishing in warmer months due to greater exposure and the extra step necessary, but wouldn't that make it more interesting than simply nixing fishing in winter altogether?
  7. Huh? Initially you said nothing more than "it's for challenge, man up yo". Then you said it didn't have to make sense. Now you say you've been saying it makes sense all along. Meanwhile people can and do ice fish along the Mississippi in winter. What are you talking about?
  8. You're right, it's easy enough to explain the no fish in winter thing away if you ignore reality. What I'm finding harder to explain is your overt smarmy hostility toward people pointing out that the change simply makes no sense.
  9. So they must provide a plausable real-life reason for all game mechanics? Nonsense. What I meant was that they should (and generally do) avoid things that break suspension of disbelief. From a survival standpoint, I don't care if they trash the fishing system entirely, I don't use it other than for novelty. More generally, though, I do care about the game's verisimilitude being compromised for the sake of making people use the canning system. Moose - a well-written post, I agree with you completely. If it were impossible to see out a winter without being able to put things in sealed jars then life on earth would've ended long go. But the emphasis for surviving winter should rightly be on preservation - it just shouldn't take a non-renewable resource to preserve things. You should be able to store your veggies in cellars, cure/smoke/dry your meat and fish, etc. I do have faith that canning is not the devs' final word on food preservation in PZ.
  10. Challenge is fine, to the extent that it doesn't make people playing the game say "wait a minute, that makes no sense".
  11. We should be able to construct a cellar.
  12. My cooktop uses gas, can be connected to an LPG canister if necessary and can be lit with a match or lighter. But I'm not in the US at all.
  13. This should be doable, though propane is nonrenewable and can be difficult to obtain whereas trees are renewable and all over the place, so it probably wouldn't end up being too useful. You should also be able to move grill units somehow.
  14. You're right. That's kind of a weird way of doing it. It always autoequips my axe (one-handed, at that) to perform the task, so I assumed it required an axe. I don't really think it should depend on the weapon being used at all. Guess I'll be removing bushes with butter knives for now, though.
  15. You can't find them in kitchens for reasons, only counters in grocery stores, and generic counters that aren't attached to any particular type of room or building. Plus the shelves in kitchenware stores, but I think (?) those only appear in the mall.
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