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  1. Are the grills now useable with propane tanks now in build 30? Coz i havent tried it yet
  2. oh okay, i get it. Not all gas stoves can be doable for this. Such a waste of the item-Propane Tank.
  3. So now I would rather create a PZ Asia map for this thing to be realized? What one do not know does not mean unrealistic. And what is uncommon in one's place doesn't mean it will not work in reality. There are just these people born in technology nowadays that they now lack the concept how it even began. Given that it's a gas stove running on gas, and Propane Tank is Gas that is connected by a proper tube which is also the one used for your gas stoves used in US, it should run. The only difference is yours are connected to a larger network of natural gas which runs underground that you pay for a monthly bill. Even a Fifth-Grader here knows how to attach a gas tank to a gas range using a qualified synthetic rubber gas tube and a meter gauge. And it has to be attached only once, not everytime you cook. Go see a gas stove and check for these. And mind you guys, at least the pyromaniacs in the multiplayer will have second thoughts using those propane tanks for cooking instead of using them to burn players' bases.
  4. It's been a while since I played PZ, I think it was build 25 when I started. Now I tried the build 30. Until now, I am bedazzled why the Kitchen Stoves need electricity to run, unless they are electric stoves or microwave ovens. I got the logic of the oven range that uses electricity, but it is mainly used for baking and roasting. We have cooking pot and frying pan, which we always use for cooking on the gas range, not the oven. Gas stoves use gas which is connected to somewhere and literally does not need even a tiny bit of your house's electricity to function or ignite a flame. It's ignition uses some sort of thing also used in lighters. In reality, if gas supply is cut off, surely it can be fitted with other sources like the Propane Tank as fuel that will only be slowly consumed while the stove is turned ON. In other countries, they call them LPG tanks (LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Once your gas tank is all consumed, you can buy another and you'll just have to give them your empty gas tank. Then they'll refill it to be sold again. A full LPG tank can last for a month if you only cook twice a day. I wish I could use a Propane Tank to the Gas Stove when electricity is cut off. This saves a lot of trees =) I would like to make a mod out of this, unfortunately, I'm just beginning to learn a bit of programming. I tried learning LUA from RoboMat's tutorial but there are other things I have to know to make it work, like the source code i should use for functions and events for this kind of mod.
  5. hey i am legend is my favorite movie my friend. yes it doesnt follow its book and it has different style of zombie infection. at least its closer to reality. ill make a mod following this movie. maybe after furniture barricade and npcs start working. coz my ideas about it are endless my frend. if i just know how to make a game. ryt now ill just do modding
  6. hi, how do i actually use the screwdriver to dismantle the wall that i just made?
  7. before you start cooking first make sure the oven is turned off then put the raw salmon then you can now turn On the oven if the name of salmon is being highlited with bright red, it means its cooking, unless theres no more gas
  8. sadly, we dont know. we lack testing mods or testing jobs. im testing it myself in my playthrough tho. unfortunately, my in game crops are sick. it had spread
  9. well would you risk that? to climb down through it, knowing that nail isnt firmly nailed? well i guess im off topic now =)
  10. oh crap i made a 4x4 farm. i planted brocolli and some carrots and cabbages. and now disease is spreading. the info wrote "sickly" what do i do? does the rain really water my crops? coz after the rain ive been looking at infos and they're still dry or parched. im farming at the woods cabin. why do zeds always find me? everyday they show up in great numbers too near my cabin. ive been luring them away ever since with my shotgun. now im planning to build walls just in case. thanks RJ =)
  11. that's my question. do you have a sample setup of farm? can i see them from a screenshot?
  12. well actually, it work both ways. i cant see that much in the dark. flashlights or candle lights have not much illumination. i dont want to be stepping on some crawlers.
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