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  1. Suomiboi, you have posted this twice now on both threads I posted. I understand that there is no such thing as indestructible. Perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully. If I were using a crowbar on a safe built by engineers to withstand anything their collective minds could come up with I would not expect my tool to last. Not really any tool. However, if I have a solid steel crowbar or aluminum bat into the soft rotting flesh of a zombie, I expect that at the very least it would last more than two days (game time). I also understand that there needs to be balance for this sort of game. No lightsabres. The balance I suggested in another thread is that some things when broken, are not fixable with ductape and wood-glue. You crack the handle of an axe you need a new handle, you can't really fix it. At least not that I have seen. You break a crowbar,it is done, you break an aluminum bat, it is done. In any event it was merely a suggestion. I love the game. It was just something that I was thinking about. Oh and one last thing, the video posted above with the safe. Crazy. The guy using the crowbar must be freakishly strong. I would never have thought that possible until he just twisted and it came apart. Those wedges shooting out, also insane. Whoever built that safe wow. I bet both guys that worked on trying to break it open were exhausted after.
  2. No, it is not just you. First, depending on their age would have largely coagulated. After much more than several days, there would be none at all. However, other much more disgusting fluids would be present after that. I suspect the blood is needed for the horror aspect of it, but having a puss jelly filled Zed explode all over me is surely PTSD moment if ever there was one.
  3. I wondered about this as well. I thought perhaps that mechanic was already there when I first tried so I took a couple of extra swings at the window to try and knock out as much glass is possible, They had done so many things so well I expected it to work. No one can think of everything though.
  4. Wooden Baseball bats are somewhat common, but if someone has a bat, it is most likely an Aluminum bat. I live just north of Kentucky in Illinois. People play a lot of Softball up here, and I suspect it is played even more in Kentucky. If you play, you own an Aluminum bat. No one uses wooden ones except people that play Baseball, and those bats are for the most part made for kids. This is perhaps a stretch, but they also have ceramic bats for training purposes (Ultra lightweight). They are rare because they are expensive and you can't use them in the actual game. Both are indestructible. The only way to break an aluminum bat is to attempt to break it on purpose, and it is really really hard to do. I do not know of anyone who has broken a ceramic bat. The only reason I bring that up is that there are several items that break in this game that should not.
  5. I do understand the need for a reduction in durability. The story of how you died, I get it. However, there are several items which degrade far far too quickly if we want to talk about realism. The Axe is the first and really the most important. My father has had the same Axe since I have been alive (I am 42). The polish that was on the wood handle is gone. The wood has been worn so smooth that it is actually a little slippery. It has chopped enough wood for the polish of the wood to be gone, and the wood underneath to be worm smooth from the action of his hands. It has no cracks or chips. I would feel comfortable say that it could split the heads of thousands of zombies and be fine. It would need only to be sharpened for better effect. With that in mind, I also think that if the handle became damaged it would be a very very short term fix (A swing or two) and it would not be repairable unless a new handle could be made. The Baseball Bat: This item I think is a little too fragile. It should last a little longer than it does, but I do not know exactly how much longer. Basically I would change the durability loss to match what it is being used for. Breaking down a door, big loss. Breaking a window, almost no loss. Bashing a Zed, little to no loss. The Spiked Bat: I would think the durability of this should be lowered even more. For the same reason that both the bat and ax should be increased. It is the integrity of the wood that is the question. Drive a nail through a bat and it is going to split. The process of making ax handles and Bats is similar and the polish and shaping is what makes them strong. I am also not entirely sure that a nail or two would do that much more damage. The Crowbar: This should be indestructible. Having used them many times, I have never encountered anything more severe than chipped paint. It would make for the most part a terrible weapon for accuracy, but it would never ever break on the head of a Zombie. Not EVER. Firearms: Durability is another issue here. As well as maintenance. Clean it, care for it, largely indestructible. However, if you do not clean it or maintain it, is does not simply stop working most times. It explodes and kills you. Again to refer to my father, he has had the same double barrel shot gun since he was a teenager. It is one of the finest firearms ever made, and that is something I think that may be a bit too much to manage for Dev's to start throwing in this kind of weapon brand and so on. However, it is well maintained, cleaned after every use. Maintenance should be easy. Breakage should be terrible. After more than 50-60 shots, without cleaning I think several modern firearms become dangerous things. I know it is late in the game for suggestions but realism seems to be very important to developers and players alike. That is why I have made this suggestion.
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