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  1. Hi, a few friends and I are hosting our own little server. Now we have the issue that the host is not always on when some of them want to play. Which files and folder are to be copied to the new host to keep playing, just on a different PC? We have self made (e.g. edited) Server Settings, and are all running on -nosteam Thanks in advance FalloutBoy EDIT: IWBUMS 34.13 with a few mods
  2. give them admin rights, see whitelist option for this. on the other hand, if you want your people to spawn next to each other. Edit the spawn location in the server[something] txt file. Coordinates can be found via blindcoders PZ map.
  3. Had a friend join my private server a few days ago. He is new to the game, we found each rather quick. While explaining to him the Interface and how to do what, he suddenly dropped dead in my kitchen - leaving a puddle of blood and his corpse. He then created a new character and joined the game, spawned on the other side my kitchen right away. Totally surprising me. He said he had no moodles, except some hunger. Is there a way to find out how he died? Some kind of serverlog or so? Thanks in advance Julian
  4. gibts verschiedene Arten von Schlössern? Werden sie im englishen unterschieden? Macht sie eine Unterscheidung im Inventar einfacher find-, unterscheidbar? Dann benutzt andere Begriffe, die die Gegenstände oder Sachverhalt besser erklären. Sorry, hab den restlichen Thread jetzt nicht weiter gelesen. Habt ihr den Fehler aus der Version 30.10 schon behoben, in dem bei Waffen der "Damage" mit "beschädigt" übersetzt worden ist?
  5. As EnigmaGrey already said. To be honest, there is this "button", you already used it. But well, the button just does not work if you architecture (network and so on) does not allow it. My first question would be. How come, that port-forwarding didn't work? Didn't it work for you? Didn't it work for your friend? What error messages did the server gave you?
  6. FYI, everyone hast to change the foldername to the new IP address. But you'll see it as soon as you look at the folder and try to connect to your server without renaming it Glad to be of serivce
  7. Under Windows - User you got the Zomboid folder, there is "multiplayer" and a folder with the IP address. Just rename that folder with the actual IP address you have at that day. And of course, everyone has to rename it, and use the new IP address to connect in-game. Quite easy.
  8. No not really. If your not happy on how the game is set up, well than start a new server / game and try a different setting. Just keep in mind, if you have a changing IP adress. Just rename the folder, to keep on playing after you shut down and started the server a few days later again.
  9. Thats something I imagine all the time I stroll around in PZ. And to be honest, that imagining it myself makes it way more intense than "seeing it for real". One of the reasons I like the look of the game so much, it has enough detail but still leaves enough open to your imagination. Still a +1 for the general idea and growing devastation.
  10. That indeed sounds interesting. So no more worms and dead rats for my poor little Linda Cooper. Or may she be gluttony and does not care at all, as long she can stuff something in her face. Very intriguing idea. I like it.
  11. And I was so happy to find a jar, and my second vinegar. Now u tell me I need a lid. poop. But hey I am just 2 weeks in my new game, so winter is still faaaaar away and the question why canning jars and lids are so rare. Well here in Germany proper canning jars and lids are fu**ing expensive. My parents still love to use the ones from my grandma (yes from the times mid - end of WWII) as, these are super duper sturdy and strangely way better than what you can buy today. So yes, rare is good, as the Apocalypse already started and people took the good stuff already with them
  12. As an option in Sandbox, maybe ok. But for a normal game, I prefer the weather based on actual weather data like it is now. just my 2 cents
  13. Repeating myself here. Keep that in mind, especially with multi-lingual translations, the things still have to be differentiated a bit. (and this is really a tough task.)
  14. Thats seems to be the term our beloved dev's should think about. under topic: List of protected trademarks frequently used as generic terms Offtopic and for the lol's TM-name Super Heroes generic name Superhero TM owner DC Comics,Marvel Comics And on topic again, I was working with 3M prior, and to be honest they were one of the nicest companies to work with, yet. So just asking them would be a valid option.
  15. Indeed better being safe than sorry. Something I learned from the game On the other hand, maybe just a nice letter with the request to use the brandname, trademark name in the game might be an idea. Getting the written and signed consent by the law-office of the company for future (past) use might really come in handy. And for the sake of playability, having "everything" start with adhesive ...(tape, bandage) is a bad idea, as it makes scrolling through the inventory and lists extremely tedious. Using the brandname separates things on the list and make it easier to find it, like in real life *spooky*
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