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  1. +1 I really needed to rest on the toilet the other day
  2. I've been keeping a close eye on the level up system and the way XP increases with time and felt it needed a bit of balancing. Feel free to argue the points; 1) XP should increase faster. At the moment I'm getting to a point where I have loads of skills waiting to increase a level but I'm struggling to gather enough XP for a new level. Obviously the choice of skills we select should be tactical but I would have to survive for years at the moment to get a skill to level 10. 2) Some skills will never max out because there is simply not enough stuff available to achieve that. There's very little glue/tape etc. for maintenance for example. I don't think there's enough bullets to get gun skills up either. Perhaps the amount of XP per level or acquired through practice should be addressed to solve this. I don't expect to get every skill to level 10 however, just felt the process could be made easier in some cases. 3) Skills from professions should be balanced a bit better. I find the accuracy of the police officer/veteran with pistols to be too low, so perhaps they should have a greater level of that skill at the start? The carpenter isn't very good at carpentry either; he should be able to make most things straight away really. I wouldn't hire a chippy that couldn't build basic stuff! 4) The traits and abilities are already really good but I think some balancing of the numbers amongst them would help. If I'm choosing unemployed and giving them skills like first aid or carpentry it has to be worth it in balance with the negative traits that seriously affect the suvivors chances. With ten levels of skill to achieve and the current XP balance I'm not sure if it's worth it at the moment Interested to see what others think...
  3. Good idea. I also think you should be able to throw stones in the game to move attention in a desired direction
  4. Spot on, +1 for armour
  5. Totally agree, would make a great and sensible addition
  6. Tripping will add a interesting new element and make panic more of a thing than it currently is. As long as the tripping mechanics are balanced and don't occur too randomly. I'm guessing that it will have to be based on random probabilities coded into the game that change with conditions like weather, terrain type your running on, moodles etc. With this in mind I'd say that whilst the weather's fine and your suvivor is running along happily the chance of tripping should be irrelevantly small. As conditions worsen this goes up until you find yourself slipping in the rain or falling down in a panicked, overburdened, exhausted state. Add the difficulties of the ever encroaching wilderness (tripping over bushes and in long grass) and use the nimbleness skill to improve the suvivors chances of not tripping; should be an interesting addition. Looking forward to it!
  7. Hi all, just thought I'd put this out there. Has anyone else noticed Alcohol 96 replacing Bottle of Disinfectant and the absence of both tweezers and suture needles? After installing this mod with the hotfixes this happened using the New Denver map. I also noticed duplication of dig and farming commands in the right click popup menu and digging makes my suvivor tired twice as fast as before. Odd. Hope the updated mod can fix this!
  8. I've just got into modding with PZ and really wanted this mod to work. The items appear in the game, like drying racks etc., but for some reason the icons are all replaced by question marks as if the game can't find the texture file. Is there a quick fix for this? I'm on build 31 btw. Thanks for the big efforts too! [edit: forget the above, I found the hotfix amongst this mods thread http://bit.ly/1vEqUjx You just have to replace the two .txt files of the hotfix. These files are in the folder: ?:\Users\YourUser\Zomboid\mods\Marijuana\media\scripts]
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