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  1. If you rotate a grill with a propane tank in it, it turns into a microwave
  2. Unable to open any of the player built double gates/doors in carpentary/metalworking
  3. Found an issue, I can no longer open double gates, like the large one you can build that can let cars through. Noticed with all my mods installed, deactivated all mods except necroforge (for build function) and they still arent openable. Even with Necroforge disabled, still unopenable. anyone else?
  4. It was indeed a mod, Soulfilchers Relaxing Time. The stack trace was very misleading in this case lol. And It turns out the process of updating the world shut my water off, weirdly enough again. If I revert my game back and load a backup save I have just before the update, water works and continue's to work atleast another 3 days, but once I update the game my water shuts off after 2 hours lol. My apologies for wasting everyones time. Ty for trying to follow up on it though
  5. Having a small issue witht he new dirt. I'm covered in mud (on my skin) from gardening all day, but I cant get the option to wash myself to come up, only my clothes. Unless I go get slightly bloody I cant wash the dirt/grime off https://imgur.com/a/Bt0ExQX EDIT: might be unrelated, but I also get an error when right clicking the hoodies and the optiont to put the hood up is missing, probably whats throwing up the error.
  6. Any chance of this getting onto the steam workshop? Love using ORGM on my server, but some of my friends aren't very computer literate, so have trouble installing the model loader, and I have to sort it out for all of them individually, if it was on the workshop I could have the server subscribe them to it. Please make my life easier LOL
  7. Ah that's a shame about the Require() bug, have the devs confirmed that they're fixing it then?
  8. WOOO!!!! GET HYPE!! Lol, it is MUCH better so far. No longer using recipes for the attachments so this will allow me lots of freedom as far as weights, renaming the bag, etc. goes. It will be similar to the weapon attachment system. Dude, already piercing the heavens, no need to keep exciting me <3
  9. Ah that might be why then, I was wondering why having everything on Extremely rare yet still finding guns all over the place. I personally found the Kitchen thing strange as I like to RP that it's the start of the apocalypse, like day one. It's easy to forget it's not really like that lol. And hey, if you ned yourself another tester I'd happily try stuff out for you if you'd like
  10. Hello, currently having a problem with the mod, I have a large ALICE pack, I found a frame and a couple different pouches, but I can't attach the frame to the pack. The pack is empty, I've tried with it equiped and unequiped, but I can't get the option to add frame to come up. Am I missing something? Otherwise I'm thoroughly enjoying the mod, although I think the spawn rates are a bit high, finding ammo and weapons all over the place with loot set to etremely rare lol. EDIT: I disabled some other mods, just incase (flourCraft,the one that has loads of different spiffo's to collect, and a mod that made paint and plaster last longer). Since disaling and removing them the option to attach the frame as start showing. EDITEDIT: I keep finding the modded stuff (weapons and packs) in the kitchen's of houses, not sure if this is intentional, just seems kinda strange
  11. Could you point me to the thread for this? or elaborate on it a little? Sounds like a similar system to L4D's AI director.
  12. I have also noticed this. I was pinning it on the fact my water was shut off, so I started to smell... Zombie's love a smelly man
  13. you have no idea how helpfull this has been for me, a newish player, especially with the new map! Thank you very much for your contribution to the community! for the time being I have to play with low graphics settings, could I still help or would the quality be too low?
  14. See, now I feel stupid... But thanks Maybe one last suggestion? Thanks to a recent Helicopter flying overhead a horde decided to take up residence right next to my safehouse. I've worked too damn long to up and move. I managed to kill off the horde, but now there are bodie littering the spot I was going to use as farmland Maybe not this or the next update, but maybe add a way to get rid of the zombambo bodies? Much like this, maybe? http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/CorpseMod/ So many bodies...
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