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  1. This server can run as it likes. However, I see no reason to waste such a large server with rules allowing killing on site. When a lucky jerk finds a pistol and creeps up on you and shoots 15 rounds from medium distance with no time to react there is something wrong. This server could do with better rules for so many people or it should be called "Project DayZ: The server".
  2. Hello everyone! I was noticing through my playthroughs on insane zombie spawns that the only difficulty I had was clearing out a base and nimbly weaving through zombies. One of the oddest things I noticed when I was looting a building. Like the picture on the bottom, I sprint by and open the door fast and close it. The zeds hit the door a couple of times and stop. Its nice for me because I can loot in peace but, I think a horde would be fixed on me (the food) more than some zombie making growling noises over on the other side of the parking lot. As long as I can break line of sight the zombie will not care. So I was thinking, why not make a setting or something to make the zeds fixated on you for a certain amount of time, like last known location. And make them become aggressive because they are hungry. Also, maybe make them even more aggressive as time goes on like during the winter they are weaker but are on mission to eat you. Maybe even make them more destructive and they like to destroy whatever the happen across.
  3. I noticed on the 8 months after the apocalypse setting that pharmahug is completely overflowing with everything one would need to survive for about 2 years. So I figured I should let you guys know.
  4. This is why I always take 'hearty eater', even before the change. The abundance of food and now with the abundance of ways to obtain food made the 'food' challenge non-existant. You should try the insane 8 month after the apocalypse sandbox preset. You'll be wishing for food.
  5. This works with build 30?
  6. Ok, this is awesome. How do I do this in my game? Edit: I love the idea of having to move and an keep an eye on an impending horde. Sort of like scouting and watching their movement and testing my defenses, sort of like this.
  7. I understand the concern about them being overpowered, but as it stands now, if you shoot a gun zeds will swarm you. I look at it like this, maybe if the only silencer in the game is for a 22lr. I mean it is kentucky, they should be extremely rare loot. Possible only found in the gun store in westpoint and north of westpoint at the gun range. A good solution to the problem would be to have 2 types of ammo for it. 22lr subsonic, which is very rare that will not alert zeds in a very close range maybe 20-30 tiles in every direction. And a normal 22lr ammo that attracts zombies less range than a normal 9mm. I feel like it would be nice to reward characters who want to use guns other than to go arround and clear a large horde of them, like the police officer class, so they can sort of silent kill. If the devs don't want to add them, I understand, but guns are just for clearing large group of zeds there is no point in having them other than that. Maybe they could make it, only useable at guns level 4-5, with bonuses if using the police officer trait. Also having them degrade the weapon much more if the silencer is attached to the 22lr especially if the character uses non subsonic ammo. There is really no tactical advantage of using guns other than to kill hordes of zombies. If you want to keep realism you should just add in a bunch of fully automatic weapons ak47/m4a1 etc. I mean this is the south, there are a lot of guns around. But, I do feel they should add bows and arrows if they want to forgo silencers completely.
  8. I m sure this has been brought up before but, I would love to see silencers and bows and arrows/crossbow added in. They would be great for a good silent way to take out zeds. A 22lr with a silencer would be cool too. Maybe add them to the 9mm pistol, varmit rifle/hunting rifle but they would degrade durability more over time. As it is now, the shooting the hunting rifle is basicly like ringing the dinnerbell.
  9. Would reading a stat book give you bonus regen?
  10. Do I need to make a new world for jars to spawn?
  11. So I can't seem to join I changed my settings to normal and not Iwillbackupmysave still cant join or find on the public list. Nevermind Was on the wrong port lol
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