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  1. Wewt, server is awesome. Lots of loot and zombies. I finally managed to make it to Wp, hopefully some other players can be found there! I'd love to be able to join a community of some sort.
  2. So, I did some testing and I can log into other servers with my anti-virus on. With my anti-virus off, I still couldn't log into Death and Decay.
  3. @EUDOXIO I finally managed to get it to work by turning off Norton anti-virus. It's a little odd since I'd tried that before and it didn't work. Hm. Of course, I also turned off "stealth blocked ports" and turned it back on in the "firewall" settings of Norton. So that's for anyone curious. I don't know if this will permanently fix the problem, but it worked this time. ----- It was not a permanent fix.
  4. Now I have the same problem as EP. I get the: "Failed connection to TCP download port 16312" message when I try to log in.
  5. This server seems utterly awesome! If I can log into it, I totally will. I've been looking for a new RP server to play on. Edit: Alas, I get the "server is not responding" after I type in the information.
  6. Terry is awesome. The mayor was awful to him, I was surprised Terry didn't just shoot the guy. The recordings got me all hyped to RP!
  7. Well, was certainly a lot of interesting things I didn't know about going around! I feel like I remember the names Terry and Bryce. Heard about them, saw them...something. Hm. Kiiinda curious to see how many people I know that they taped now!
  8. Wow! This is interesting! The voice acting is pretty cool. Marky Mark's voice made me lol. I only known her through a friend so I guess I never pictured her voice. I do know Brandon though, and the voice felt pretty spot on! I might have missed the information but, what server is this on? I imagine its the work of the camera and a span of long periods of time, but the fact that you can manage to play with your whole group enough that you can film it is pretty awesome. I never feel like I play with my whole group ('round ten people) at the same time. We're always on in pairs of three, four, or less. Looking at PZ from an episode series standpoint, things are much more interesting ! Also, so lucky to have all those zombies!!!! Keep up the good work.
  9. Well ain't that just coolio? I'll sign up (already have ^-^). Hope to see ya'll in WP
  10. I did it because everything was too easy before. Zombies were cleared out in two to three days tops.
  11. Alright guys, I'm thinking of getting an admin for the point of events. If anyone is interested PM me.
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