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  1. This is definitely going to help admins looking into the logs to track things down. +1 for this issue to be escalated, please.
  2. This problem seems to be a potential deal-breaker for many servers and MP community overall. It can be consistently reproduced with 10 players, set decay for 24 hours ingame, summon and kill 400 zombies, and have them doing mundane activities like cooking, reading, reloading weapons, crafting while the corpses decay. If anyone from TiS would like to use our environment to test please let me know, I'll be happy to arrange it.
  3. Thanks EnigmaGrey. Our map is .68 as well, we're in 1998 ingame now with ~40 players. No java mods. We could reset parts of the map if that helps (deleting map_xxx_yyy.bin) over time asking players to move their safehouses around, if it's tied to the map.
  4. Hey RedTab, we're looking for an answer too. This is affecting our server as well, we are hoping the devs will put a null check on that call to `getHumanVisual`.
  5. Same. This problem has been plaguing our server. Could devs add a null check for getHumanVisual() before calling zombieRotStage? Thanks! (this was mentioned in PZ discord as well)
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