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  1. So... looks like 5 years later, nothing has been done to fix this, has it?
  2. I agree, you may be totally right. It's also a crucial ingredient for bread and pie doughs, two of the rare recipes that require to be learnt and that are used to produce very efficient food. That's why I'm asking to up its frequency just a notch. Not make it as frequent as in real life. Remember: my test was with very abondant food setting. With that kind of setting, every kitchen is full to the brim with fresh, frozen and canned food (and various other types of food & ingredients like oil, flour, cereals, biscuits and so on).
  3. Seems unlikely. The SlicePie() method devides by 5 all the values (as the recipe creates 5 slices). I don't know how the decimals are handled, but if I had to guess, I'd say they are lost, which would decrease effectively the effectiveness of the food when decimals there are. But the thirst reduction is just totally absent of that function. Knowing that a pie can have a petty decent score on that value if you use only vegetables in it, that means that you can easily have around 20 points of thirst reduction that disapear during the process. In fact, the very "sliced pie" item doesn't include any thirst reduction by default, meaning that even if you add the line I mentioned in my post, the thirst value wouldn't appear on the slices description. Note that I'm not sure if the value would still be part of the item without being displayed or if the setThirstChange() function would just be ignored: I didn't test this, I just rapidly cobble something in the mod I was working on to correct the problem as a temporary solution (Temporary, because I'm sure it will be properly corrected in the vanilla PZ, and also because I'm not satisfied with my mod in its current state and that correction will be bettered in the process of finalizing it).
  4. Hi, Pretty much what's said in the title. When we slice a pie, the thirst reduction value of the pie is lost, not carried over the slices of pie. It comes from the Recipe.OnCreate.SlicePie() method (in media\lua\server\recipecode.lua), that lacks the following line of code: result:setThirstChange(item:getThirstChangeUnmodified() / 5); Hope that makes your job easier. Thanks.
  5. Forget it, I didn't search correctly. It's in media\lua\server\recipecode.lua
  6. Hi, I decided to start modding PZ, one baby step at a time. I'm working on a sweet pie recipe, with a very similar structure than the vanilla pie recipe. Everything's fine, from dough to baking, up until the slicing of said sweet pie. The game allows us to cut a home cooked pie in 5 slices, so I want to have the same possibility with my sweet pie mod. However, I can't put my hands on the part of code that calulate the nutritions values of the slices. For instance, with the vanilla pie, the game seems to correctly devide by 5 the pie's values of "hunger reduction", "boredom reduction" and "unhappiness reduction" (while loosing the thirst reduction, for some reason?). However, if I apply the same method to my modded sweet pie, the result is totally wrong. So I'd like to see how it's calculated, and despite noticing a "Recipe.OnCreate.SlicePie" mentioned in the recipe "Slice Pie" and strongly suspecting this method is the culprit, I'm still stuck wondering where to find it. Does someone knows where I can find either that SlicePie procedure or where the values of the slices are calculated? Thank you!
  7. Ok, so, while doing some tests on a brand new sandbox game, I took the time to capture the problem, here it is: 41.71, brand new save, no mods*, no funny things, just vanilla PZ. * Well, I lied, I'm testing a homebrew cooking mod that adds a couple of receipes, but nothing touching the sound, nothing technical, and in any case, my original bug report is about a save that has absolutely no mods. So it's not relevant.
  8. Hi, So, I was doing some testing on a sandbox game, with all ressources set on "very abundant". And while rummaging through every single cupboard of every kitchen, I noticed that salt was in fact a pretty rare item. There was like 1 salt shaker every 10 houses or so. It doesn't seem right, as I'd bet my lunch that salt is one of the most common seasonings / ingredients that can be found in a (western) kitchen. So, maybe, its commonness should be augmented a tad? Thank you.
  9. Ok, that's what I was suspecting. I guess this part of the various stuff they have to fix about plumbing. Not a game breaker, though, so I guess it's low priority. Well, thank you for answering.
  10. Hi, Please, see included video (youtube link below): At that time of the game, the fireplace was burning since around 22:00 (10pm). Warmth doesn't spread in the house, at all. I'm not even talking about the fact that the game always puts a -1°C on 1st floor compared to ground level for no reason. I'm talking about the fact that the temperature outside of that living room changed during the night accordingly to the temperature variations taking place outside of that closed house, but was not affected by the fireplace that was on for hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfPcvFYhN_s Thank you. Addendum: And when I put out the fire, the temperature just near the fireplace dropped from 25°C to 9°C instantaneously.
  11. Hi, Ok, I thought I knew how to plumb stuff in PZ, but I'm stuck with an issue I can't get my head around: I have plumbed 3 sinks with no problems (to big rain collectors) inside my current base. One of those sinks was already there, 2 other were added after water shortage. But I can't plumb a 4th, located on the exterior. And I'm starting to wonder if it's because it's outside. Concerning the position of this problematic sink compared to the rain collectors above, here is how I've done it: Let's say the sink is located on [x,y] coordinates. I have above it 3 big rain collectors located respectively on [x,y], [x+1,y] and [x,y-1]. I tried with those water collectors empty and tried with 15+ units of tainted water in each of them. Can you tell me why the game never give me the option to plumb that sink? Thank you for any help.
  12. I'll add to that list maybe some hunters having a rifle in their house? But yeah, I totally see what you mean.
  13. I just started a new sandbox game (always extremely rare loot for everything), and it wasn't long before finding a house with a corpse holding a partially loaded gun. Few houses farther, I found a barricaded house, one of the zeds inside had a firearm. Few houses farther, I found another house with another corpse, which contained 2 shotguns and two boxes of ammo. For a total of 22 houses looted. Each one of those are kind of events, randomized houses, and not linked to the loot setting I chose (I believe). It is highly possible that some of your findings are linked to randomized houses too (hard to tell, but I think that's a good assemption). However, I don't know how those randomized houses interact with the loot settings. And maybe this interaction should be looked into by the devs? But your map shows impressively the frequency of those findings, and to this regard, it may be interresting to have a setting like "Barely any", or maybe even "None" in each loot category. It would indeed let us have even more freedom to put difficulties where we want to.
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