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  1. In Westpoint, I noticed that the fridges in the stockroom of Pharmahug (the part that is locked behind high-security doors) no longer contain antibiotics: they are instead full of water bottles (gotta keep 'em water bottles secured! :P). I don't know if this change came with this build or if it was the case some time before. What I know is that they used to contain the stock of antibiotics of the pharmacy. That's a bit problematic when in the rest of the pharmacy, you have to rely on the "normal" loot table to have the chance to find some of the very rare antibiotics. ;)
  2. Ok, that's nice of you. But I think it's problematic if it's on by default in the solo mode (not sandbox). With the updates that added more and more models to the items in order to have something immersive when you place them on the ground / on furniture, I think there's no reason that, by default, the solo game makes it that you should not place clothes on the ground if you don't want to loose them.
  3. If I place clothes on the ground, they will disapear after few days (contrary to other items). I noticed it with shoes, helmets and "regular" clothes (shirts, etc) during solo play mode. I first noticed that bug on build 41, and it also exists in the new multiplayer test build.
  4. Hi, Despite that I have everything needed in my inventory (I checked at least three times), I can't proceed to craft a jar of cabbages. In the receipe interface, all the ingredients are even highlighted (signifying that the game acknowledge that I have everything needed), and despite this, the button to craft that receipe is disabled, and the contextual menu (via right click on a jar) don't give me the option either. Please note that I have no problem to make jar of radishes and jar of potatoes (I couldn't test with other vegetables, sorry). EDIT: Forget it, I'm stupid, the cabbages were were partialy frozen. By the way, it could be interestig to have a mention somewhere in the receipe interface saying why we can't craft it in such cases.
  5. I don't know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You're on the current IWBUMS build, right?
  6. Hi, The fact that we see dirt and blood on the character model and their clothes is great. However, I feel like it could be balanced because I noted that a very small quantity of filth looks like you rolled in dirt / blood. I'll add here a screenshot about dirt on the character model, but that's the same thing issue for blood or dirt, on character model and clothes. Could you maybe rebalance the levels visible stains vs the % of filth there is? Thank you!
  7. To be honnest, I can't tell if it's a bug or a feature: When I find keys on a zombie's corpse that is nearby a car, it appears that they are not the keys for said car (not even the good model). And if I scout around for the good car, I can't find it. Is it done on purpose or is it a bug? Having a zombie carrying car keys is pretty rare (at least in survivor mode) so I can't tell if this situtation is frequent. However, each time I found car keys on a zombie, it was not far from a car (but not the good one), and I couldn't find the car corresponding to the keys. I don't kow if it's related to that bug or not: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37833-car-keys-do-not-work-on-corresponding-near-by-cars/&tab=comments#comment-315281
  8. Thank you for the answer. Yeah, I already read that blog post, but it seems a bit far from what I have in mind..? I was just thinking of a simple item. You know, like when you find maps for Westpoint, Riverside and so on: adding a similar item, a very simple map of the game's area. It wouldn't break the immersion, and help new players know where the cities are and such.
  9. Hi, There're already various map items for each towns/cities in the game. Could you add a map item showing the general layout of the exclusion zone? It could indicate where the cities are, some points of interest (like the military base, the prison and some touristic areas), but of course wouldn't show small "hidden" locations (cabins in the woods, and so on). It would be a great way to not relly on the "PZ Map Project" web page when you discover the game and don't know the Kentucky's lawout. Thank you!
  10. 1. That splinter thing would be very annoying, or at least we'd need more gloves to protect our hands. 2. Gloves could easily fix it, and I don't know if it would be fair as glasses don't fix the Short Sighted trait. 3. - I got no clear opinion on this - 4. It would make the game too easy. And that'd be less Romero than it'd be Wright. 5. Yup, the game definitively need a throwing up effect when you're very sick. 6. It would need _very_ big rocks to make them fall. I mean, a baseball bat percuting their head at full speed don't make them fall 100% of the time. 7. I think they already loose all the blood that could leak from them. I mean, look at their injuries, some times they lack half of their face. ^^
  11. There's an option about which song play-list you want. Did you try it? It may be what you're looking for.
  12. Yes, the current IWBUMS builds cranked up the difficulty of the game. Yes, I too, have trouble surviving long in survivor mode. Even the more "calm" builder mode had me dying because I made poor (... or plain stupid) decisions. It's very easy to get too cocky, and it generally comes back too you like a rotating quintain. But playing with the sandbox mode is a great way to learn the good strategies at your own pace: There's all sorts of options to weaken the zombies, make them less aware of your presence, more stupid, less dangerous when attacking from behind and so on. The new build is more difficult, it doesn't mean that you have to be as good as you were on the previous build. It can feel great to be the badass warrior, slaying dozens of zombies a day (like in How To Survive 2), but it's also super cool to feel vulnerable, always on tension to save your life. It's two different approaches of the zombie genre. Like you have 2 approaches on the Alien franchise: you have the original Alien movie where the last survivor of a crew tries not to be slain by a deadly Xenomorph, alone in space, by hidding and being more smart than the creature. And you have the Aliens movie (the second movie) where a team of soldiers kills more Xenomophs than you can count. One is a horror movie, the other one is an action movie. Both are about Xenomorphs, but they are very different and still great in their own genre. Project Zomboid clearly took survivial horror choice (after all, since my first try years ago, I always read the sentence "This is how you died" when I start a new game). Some other games took the action choice (like How To Survive), and that's fine, but it's just not what PZ is about. I think that complaining about PZ becoming less forgiving is loosing of sight* what game genre it is. *Like how Visceral Games lost of sight that Dead Space was a surivial horror licence when they developped the 3rd game, huhuhu.
  13. Hi, When we ask our character to take pills from some bottle/box of medecine that is in a container (bag, cupboard, etc), could you make so that our character automatically put back the item in said container after use? I noticed that since last time I played, you already added that behaviour for some actions (when cooking), and it's a small but very convenient QoL addition imo. Thanks!
  14. It's not as good as a real alarm, but you can put broken glass on the ground, in order to hear zeds approaching. But remember, always wear shoes when walking on glass, and always wear gloves when handling broken glass!
  15. Hi, Fuzzy. I'm curious and I'd like to be sure to understand the issue, so do you happen to have some clip showing how does an unjustified stunlock situation look for you in PZ?
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