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  1. I totally agree with having some "keep speed" option while driving.
  2. That's a very minor / not important suggestion, but as you added all sorts of summer clothes / bathsuits, could add some flip flops, for good measure? x) Thanks!
  3. Well, I'm confused... I was sure that it was not the case 2 or 3 month ago. If you are really sure of it, well... maybe I played differently back then. Maybe I used immediatly equipe another (two handed) weapon after throwing a molotov.
  4. I think it's the case for all those doors. I took it as a provisional model. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Well... what I had to do to launch my molotov with the current version is: - Go in my inventory, RMC to equip the molotov (I chose not to put it on shortcut), RMC to equipe the lighter - Perform the attack and if I understood your answer - Think of turning off the lighter or unequip it, so it won't burn out In a previous version, what I had to do was: - Go in my inventory, RMC to equip the molotov, RMC to equipe the lighter - Perform the attack Therefore, I don't understand how the new version is better.
  6. Seriously? Why did they do that? I'm sure it wasn't the case (some time) before. That explains everything... There's no way we can see it's on in bright day light. Well, thanks for the tip.
  7. Can confirm: almost died from that. Parked my car in a big warehouse, turned off the car, closed the gate, realised that I was dying (no indication of the source of damage). So, I reopened the warehouse gate (my car was just in front of it, inside the building), went outside, waited outside for a bit, entered again: start loosing health again. Oh, and it made my character to become exhausted but the game won't allow me to sleep for some unspecified reason.
  8. Ok, this one bug is more of an issue for me than any other bug. When interacting with an object (furniture), the character will automatically move to a "better" position to interract with it. The problem is it generally positions the character on the wrong spot when it was already in the good position. For instance: - Character moving into another furniture. - Character moving few steps away from the object (still able to perform the planed action, like taking objects, but will be too far away to, for instance, to access the furniture inventory after that) - Character turning
  9. When I clic to stop the alarm of my character's watch, the character first moves for few steps, then stops the alarm. He shouldn't have to move.
  10. When dismantling wooden furniture, a hammer and a saw are used as tools, but the animation played is one using a screwdriver.
  11. As said in the title: The game doesn't count the club hammer as a hammer for carpentry actions. I agree it's not the best suited tool to plant a nail, but neither would be a stone hammer (that does count as a hammer for carpentry). Same goes for the mallet, I guess.
  12. You should find lots of cigarettes in the pharmahugs. Really, I'm not joking.
  13. The new playstyle names are great, but in the save games and on the death screen, it's the old names that are showed ("Survivor" for Apocalypse playstyle, "Fighter" for Survivor playstyle).
  14. I agree, it looks like a bug related to the improvement of loot system. I can understand if some shelves aren't filled with medical supplies, but if you take, for instance, the big Pharmahug of Westpoint (coords: 11936x6806), it makes no sense that such a big area would be filled with food items. Can't be a feature. It could become a serious problem for long term surviving. Not that it changed anything on _my_ games, as I've been eaten alive the two times I managed to bring a survivor there (I told you, filled with food, even for zombies! ), but a fix would be realy nice. ^^
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