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Epic Beardmen

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CALLING ALL BEARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're Glorious Leader^^^^^^^^^^^^^(epicbeardmanislifeepicbeardmanislove)


Epic Beard Man has officially begun to take fellow survivors under his Beard, All left alive have been encouraged by they're fallen loved ones to seek shelter under the safety of such an Epic Beard, It's where your friends are. also there's chocolate and ice-cream there!!!!


CURRENT MEMBERS: Glorious Leader -> Epic Beard Man (Davidson)

Our mission: An Epic Beard will only ever be found on an Epic Beardman (ladies grow spirit beards), 

                       as such its the epic beard mans job to sustain the continuity of his fellow man.
                       EBM's mission is all of our mission, to survive. but how do we survive in this messed up 
                       zombie world we now find ourselves in ...


THE RULES: 1. Murder is Prohibited, EBM are honorable and only kill those who kill
                     2. Glorious Leader has Supreme Authority over all EBM, in the event 
                         Glorious Leader is absent, all decisions shall be made by the Bearded
                         Council of Beards.

                     3. Be nice to noobs, EBM are a superior genetic being and its our duty to 

                         pull those less experienced and bearded closer to our epic levels of


                     4. All characters must be made with an epic beard (beard#1 i think :D )
                         unless you're a woman. women grow spirit beards, they're there but only

                         in spirit.


(rules subject to change)




So don't be stupid, survive
so says Epic Beard Man



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