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  1. Lots of fun times on this server. A shame this had to happen Special thanks to Alice and the admins for making it happen was fun while it lasted. Also many thanks to the people we got to laugh at when they were lying on the floor with puddles of blood and later showing your appreciation for taking good care of your stuff. You didn't die in vain, you get a special confession right now. Here comes the shocker: The Cult of Boris is infact EVIL ps. I wasn't mad at you Cloak for killing me then though it seemed so, I had to travel for 4 days. Keep Boris with you at all times mate. Cult out
  2. Or rather watch that big mouth of yours. Nevah! I always speak da truth! All shall be enlightened. Also.. a Cult can't take a vacation! Who will shepard the herd! Again that big mouth of yours, telling us what we can and cannot do. It would be a shame if someone silenced you...
  3. I'm not back until monday propably, but thanks
  4. Eki, Boris, Vladimir and Dimitri went on holiday to Ibiza. Running a cult and being hated is hard work we deserve this! Or rather watch that big mouth of yours.
  5. Yeah it was couple of days ago. Such a tragic event, many casualties. Watch your back Void Boris's hand will find you. It was all a big misunderstanding, but all good since Void got shot.
  6. I knew Void was a bad person, that is exactly why the hotel shootout happened. My intuition warned me, but i didn't know it then.
  7. We have so many enemies its hard to remember them all, but thanks for reminding us! You are now officially an enemy of the cult Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. that sounds more like a nightmare :S haha But you know... it will happen sooner or later!
  9. Yes, Boris the legendary Robin Hood of Bedford who steals from the rich and shoots the poor.
  10. Which Cult are you talking about?
  11. Welcome to the Cult!
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