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  1. Thebig44

    With Cars Naturally Comes....

    *Sniff* It's... Perfect.
  2. Thebig44

    With Cars Naturally Comes....

    *Insert positive feedback and mandatory upvote here*
  3. Thebig44

    Drive Skill

    Upvote this into oblivion and beyond. Also, perhaps lower usage of gasoline? An experienced driver knows more or less how a well-maintained car should operate, and how driving can affect various parts of the car itself.
  4. Thebig44

    Military Hazmat/NBC Suits ?

    I believe so, ol' chap. (From the latest mondoid, Hazmatters.)
  5. Thebig44

    Picture Battle

    Need some metal here!
  6. Thebig44

    Multiplayer Town (Need Someone To Host Server)

    No longer my friend. BUILD 28 IS LOCK 'N' LOADED!
  7. Thebig44

    Released: Build 28.3

    *Reads new blog* *Has no possible explanation to what he's feeling* *Dies of hapiness* END
  8. Thebig44


    Nothing like Minecraft, rather Roblox. It actually was first created in Roblox, then transfered to Unity. Never thought of that .-.
  9. Thebig44

    Multiplayer Town (Need Someone To Host Server)

    Third option looks like the best one - near supplies, near the town - allows for trading.
  10. Thebig44

    Multiplayer Town (Need Someone To Host Server)

    I do not believe the server's gonna include bedford and dreadwood, the server is gonna be vanilla.
  11. Thebig44

    Multiplayer Town (Need Someone To Host Server)

    Man i missed this guy, and his genious ideas about a town!
  12. Thebig44

    The Corrupt-A-Wish Thread

    Wisg granted. You are surrounded by nude female characters ready to "party". But your imagination goes WAAY over you... You wake you from your "imagination" and see yourself surrounded by Prision Guard thugs, ready to make a "party" at the torture chamber. I wish for a new PC.
  13. Thebig44

    Memorize player

    Nice idea, but it'll be inificient if you happen to change your mind in the middle of the game. There would also be various trouble reconizining friendly players... This should be a yes if you could customise your character even more.