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[Local Co-op Bug] Player Twos tiredness is affecting Player One


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I raised this last year but there was no traction so here it is again. with a LIL VIDEO of it too in action. My player one is getting tired whenever player 2 does any moves, I also suspect player twos Restless Sleeper is affecting player 1 too for the nighttime sleeps. Last time I saw this Player Two didnt have Restless Sleeper it was just happening after a set amount of time


Attached is my save, sandbox called Murderville. I am imaginative with my save names



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Even with the save and the same mods, I can't reproduce this. Player 2 beats zombies, Player 1's moodle remains unaffected. Is there more to it?

Try a clean install: go to %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\ and delete the Project Zomboid directory. Then, in Steam, right click PZ -> Properties -> Local files -> Verify ... button near the bottom. That'll give you a clean install, free of anything that might have been left over from updates, reinstalls, or branch changes.

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