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  1. Playing on the last build in Survival I drove down here to my favourite lil hideout and it was a god damn zombie town meeting. The absolute amount of the dead heads around the road from the motorway to the petrol insured my car broke down. After I got tot he house there was tons of zeds all around the houses. Is that normal? Nomrally in every other build that region was a complete ghost town. Even with the petrol station only needing some light clearing
  2. Just to clarify. RMB is the same as Control and 'C' as in crouch is the sneak button?
  3. Most of this is going off topic for an IWBUMS update topic. Maybe take it elsewhere?
  4. So Apocalypse is more like the default new 41 experience and the default mode going forward and Survivor is the Brawler one? Gotcha
  5. What is the sort of 'True Default' setting now? Now that Brawler is gone is 'Survival' still the go to default setting or is that now the 'Brawler' one? How different is the apocalypse mode to the previous one? Ta luv, it's all looking great!
  6. A cheap car battery charger from Lidle would do the trick. Hook it into the mains and leave over night. Seems like a good idea here
  7. This might be nothing but I started to test out the cars (loving it) and I used The First Week on Normal as my settings as I reckion its closest to 'Vanilla' as possible Here's the silly catch when I look in the latestsave.ini file (was curious) it says: Would_Rose_Wood The First Week Hardcore Everything is write except for the difficulty. Now I started with a bat, hammer, bag, food & water etc so it was defo no hardcore. Normally I wouldnt care about this kinda stuff but the XP gains in hardcore are much lower. Does this mean that when hitting the 'Continue' button we might run the risk of resetting the XP gains to hardcore?
  8. I know it's a silly one, but having a tent act as well...a tent to stay outta the rain (especially in multiplayer) is huge
  9. I would love to see something akin to the ghost in U.O way back when. To those not in the know there was a system where if you had died and tried to chat your words came out as OoOoOoO. I would love to see something like this in PZ but for stuff like the panic, and pain moddles (maybe more) As in if you were in severe pain it would change random words to like *winces in pain* or *groans* or that kinda thing. Same with panic, you could try in the odd *gasp* etc What ya think?
  10. I would love to see really basic 'crap' civie NPCs. Not like the regular survivor/looter/bandit/friendly ones that are on the way. But bascially zombie chow NPCs. That + cars = perfect apoco beginning
  11. I know and am part of them both, guess I choice wisely so
  12. Heya guys, what servers boast the highest players connected at one time?
  13. As it's been said time and time again the character is an average joe. Not a weapons expert
  14. Look into your heart elyrom, deep inside, and you will find the answers you seek
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