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I'm back.

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I used to be on the old forums if anyone remembers me. What's new? Any of the old guys here: Rorek, Kittox . . . our saviour, Muncher?


Welcome to the new members too. This game seems far more popular now. Devs deserve it ;)


That's about it. Enjoying the new gameplay lots. Good luck out there; let the redheads roll.

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Didn't you used to be a balloon?

Also it's nice to see my name up there on your O.P Airhead - Although I didn't exactly do much on the old forums.

Same story here I suppose.

Rorek is still around but I don't see him in the general discussion much, obviously I'm here and I'm pretty sure Muncher ran head-first into the banhammer factory and got smooshed.



Hah! This was my 269th post.

This is what my humour is coming to? really?

Wow I'm way behind, this post was made on the 9th of march?

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