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  1. A lot of stuff has been going on with me, setting up a website and finishing my college education, here's my latest little venture, though I have no idea if I'll do anything with it.
  2. I've just got this mental image of like, PZ having a paper-mario styled Sun & Moon behind the camera now.
  3. This could have gone in a totally different direction. I'm not sure whether I'm happy or disappointed.
  4. Looks pretty good man, wish you luck on your kickstarter!
  5. I wrote this earlier today I put it in a spoiler 'cause the format went all jiggity EDIT: So as I previously mentioned there's a sci-fi world building thing I've been doing, you can find the link below. My sentence structure is being reworked in some places as I wrote most of this at like, three in the morning... But with my recent realizations that I'm no good at programming and I have more fun writing anyways, I figured I'd post this here to see if I could get any good feedback other than "It looks gud m8" Link Here
  6. Poor bastard. I mean, hurray Kajinn!
  7. Hey, they could rename themselves The Isometric Stone and it wouldn't change the acronym!
  8. You know who else is bad at wordplay? Rathlord.
  9. I don't see how it could not be doable, but I certainly could see how it could be a challenge.
  10. Excuse me ser, hive you got the time?
  11. I've currently been working on a world-building sci-fi exercise, which has kind of spiraled out of control, been working on it for four months now. I'll post some when it's ready - I'm really just still adding to it, building up the history, species, religions, cultures + their corresponding crime & punishment. I'll probably not post it for a while as it's still a heavy work-in-progress and it kind of takes a bit from everything out there, from conspiracy theories to the Warhammer 40K's tyrannids, Hell even H.P Lovecraft acted as an inspiration for some of it. I may post snippets from time-to-time.
  12. A shittonne of Babymetal. Yes. REALLY. Just ignore the dancing, good god it's cringe-inducing.
  13. Billy Talent released a new Album. I woke up and found out without knowing anything about it and I'm loving it; It's like all the older stuff they did that I love.
  14. I was going to kill you, but then I saw the hidden content. All is forgiven.
  15. My main concern is getting Sir Twiggy back into the UK.
  16. To be honest, my biggest concern is how will the £ fare? It's already dropped in value from what I'm hearing.
  17. Miracle of Sound, can never go wrong. EDIT: Started watching this, was a surprisingly good show; Would recommend it if you want something that's going to be.. Interesting, to say the least.
  18. Just a little mix for playing as Junkrat.. Unfortunately is goes from ACDC to some kind of gangster rap stuff, which doesn't really make much sense given the character. But heyho, it's a nice mix still.
  19. Been on the fence about posting this, but fuck it why not: I did a game design document for college last year and I've been going back-and-forth on altering a more codex-style document for it and figured I might as well post it here. GDD & the Codex thing EDIT: Found another concept thing from way back, I didn't write all of this, most of the character stuff was done by someone I wsa working on it with. It can be found here
  20. His pineapples were rolling with a mamma dog attack helicopter. Then suddenly, a wild squirrel army and a squirrel commander demanded nuts. He only waited five squirrel seconds before he politely obliged. Before they ripped his pineapples away, they exploded, causing a squirrel massacre, while screaming, causing cancer, and destroying Sauron himself which caused the Apocalypse, leading to legitimate heterophobia. In the next nightmare of Bernie, the sky felt the need to defecate furiously. All umbrellas were utterly useless. The Sun then squealed and a Rainbow covered placenta tree grew trans lesbians. Banana hammocks were banned in Texas, Kentucky and so were regular pineapples. The Govener was unhappy and created stronger LSD to control
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