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  1. Shadowrun 5E

    Was just wondering if anybody here had gotten the chance to play Shadowrun 5th Edition? It's been a while since I posted in here and I've since played through a run of D&D 5E's Storm Kings Thunder and then participated in a Shadowrun campaign, a system and setting which I've sort of fallen in love with.
  2. General Creativity

    A lot of stuff has been going on with me, setting up a website and finishing my college education, here's my latest little venture, though I have no idea if I'll do anything with it.
  3. Guess who's back?

    I was JUST talking about you, holy shit dude. EDIT: Figured I'd drop by with an update of my own, seeing as it's oldies returning! I've been busy finishing college, finally graduating with a Bachelors Honours, trying to find work, with a lot of thanks to the guys from TIS for helping me out with my questions and making suggestions, I owe the TIS team a drink some time, also thanks to Lemmy for helping me with my Dissertation research. Got an alright website started up for hosting a portfolio & blog, been networking in local places as of late - even attended EGX to hand out some business cards, missed the chance to meet Andy, but I'll get him one day.
  4. Different colour schemes at different times of day

    I've just got this mental image of like, PZ having a paper-mario styled Sun & Moon behind the camera now.
  5. Story idea for leading a group

    This could have gone in a totally different direction. I'm not sure whether I'm happy or disappointed.
  6. Waffles vs Pancakes

    To be fair, it looks delicious.
  7. Looks pretty good man, wish you luck on your kickstarter!
  8. General Creativity

    I wrote this earlier today I put it in a spoiler 'cause the format went all jiggity EDIT: So as I previously mentioned there's a sci-fi world building thing I've been doing, you can find the link below. My sentence structure is being reworked in some places as I wrote most of this at like, three in the morning... But with my recent realizations that I'm no good at programming and I have more fun writing anyways, I figured I'd post this here to see if I could get any good feedback other than "It looks gud m8" Link Here
  9. The Ascent of Kajin

    Poor bastard. I mean, hurray Kajinn!
  10. What game should Indie stone make next?

    Hey, they could rename themselves The Isometric Stone and it wouldn't change the acronym!
  11. What game should Indie stone make next?

    RJ & Nasko Stripper simulator, clearly.
  12. General Creativity

    You know who else is bad at wordplay? Rathlord.
  13. The Last of us / Cordiceps Funghi

    I don't see how it could not be doable, but I certainly could see how it could be a challenge.
  14. General Creativity

    Excuse me ser, hive you got the time?