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  1. A lot of stuff has been going on with me, setting up a website and finishing my college education, here's my latest little venture, though I have no idea if I'll do anything with it.
  2. I've just got this mental image of like, PZ having a paper-mario styled Sun & Moon behind the camera now.
  3. This could have gone in a totally different direction. I'm not sure whether I'm happy or disappointed.
  4. Looks pretty good man, wish you luck on your kickstarter!
  5. I wrote this earlier today I put it in a spoiler 'cause the format went all jiggity EDIT: So as I previously mentioned there's a sci-fi world building thing I've been doing, you can find the link below. My sentence structure is being reworked in some places as I wrote most of this at like, three in the morning... But with my recent realizations that I'm no good at programming and I have more fun writing anyways, I figured I'd post this here to see if I could get any good feedback other than "It looks gud m8" Link Here
  6. Poor bastard. I mean, hurray Kajinn!
  7. Hey, they could rename themselves The Isometric Stone and it wouldn't change the acronym!
  8. You know who else is bad at wordplay? Rathlord.
  9. I don't see how it could not be doable, but I certainly could see how it could be a challenge.
  10. Excuse me ser, hive you got the time?
  11. I've currently been working on a world-building sci-fi exercise, which has kind of spiraled out of control, been working on it for four months now. I'll post some when it's ready - I'm really just still adding to it, building up the history, species, religions, cultures + their corresponding crime & punishment. I'll probably not post it for a while as it's still a heavy work-in-progress and it kind of takes a bit from everything out there, from conspiracy theories to the Warhammer 40K's tyrannids, Hell even H.P Lovecraft acted as an inspiration for some of it. I may post
  12. A shittonne of Babymetal. Yes. REALLY. Just ignore the dancing, good god it's cringe-inducing.
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