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41.74 UNSTABLE Released

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[Note: Parts of this patch were previously released as a 41.73 Unstable hotfix.*
A version bump ensures players running the Stable client get a clearer error (version mismatch) when connecting to servers running the Unstable branch.]


This patch addressed the Linux server crashes.
Please let us know about any remaining crashes and the performance you're experiencing.


If you continue to experience crashes on the Unstable branch after this patch, please send us your hs_err_pid**.log file (you'll find this in the server installation folder) in addition to a .zip file of your Home/Zomboid folder (remove the "Saves" folder from it to save space). If you're submitting them outside of our Discord techsupport channel, please make sure to provide a download link from your filesharing service of choice.




- Migrated to newer Steam API.*
- ZNet library was rebuilt on all platforms.*
- Steam network logs are added.*
- SteamGeneric packet was removed.*
- Old steam session info was removed.*
- SteamGameServer.BUpdateUserData method call is removed as deprecated.*

- Error descriptions for the ESteamNetConnectionEnd and EResult  were added.

- Fixes to Steam logging.

Additional MP fixes will follow in the coming days.

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Does it make a difference if we play on 41.73 or .74? 
I thought the fixes were included in 41.73 already. 

We have not experienced any server crashes on our linux server since but the moment we switched to unstable tracking sites like battlemetrics stopped tracking our server while those on the stable branch are still tracked.

If there is no difference except version number I would switch back to stable branch on my server


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