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[41.71] [Singleplayer] Radios loose their functions when installed in a car.

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  • Version 41.71 (new save)
  • Singleplayer
  • No mods
  • Reproduction steps:
  1. Check the model of radio installed in a car or install one yourself. Notice the parameters of the radio.
  2. Get in the car and open the radio.
  3. All radios are converted to "WaveSignalDevice" with parameters of a basic ValuTech Radio.
    • Radios with higher frequency range will loose the benefit and are defaulted to 88 MHz - 108 MHz.
    • Premium Technologies Radio will loose it's ability to play CDs.
    • Ham Radios will loose their two-way communication capabilities.



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Posted (edited)

This is an annoying one for certain.Nothing like installing a military ham into a police car only for it to become a terrible 1 way receiver only radio. Please fix this and the RP community will love you. Including the abilities to switch what kind of radio you put inside a vehicle would be nice also. I noticed a lot of trucks don't have the option for the ham radio.

This bug has persisted across multiple versions and as far as I know. Affects both SP/Multiplayer. Perhaps is an oversight? 

Edited by Jack Bower

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