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Two Questions: Red question marks and getting map in game?

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I have been dabbling off and on on new maps for awhile, but have never gotten to the point where I actually wanted to get it into game. What is the process to do so? I followed an old guide, but, want to make sure that it is correct.


As for my second question, once I did try to get the map in game, now when I go back to my WorldEd and TileEd map, I am seeing this now. Tiles are pointing to the correct spot, as I had to deal with the sea of red question marks before. So, any idea what could be doing this? Thanks in advance!

Zomboid Map Issue.jpg

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On 11/15/2020 at 4:39 AM, Ciber Ninja said:

Maybe it is big trees? I recall they are added in a post processing step.

Thank you for your response!


Perhaps that is it. It is still happening in WorldEd and TileEd. Though, they show up normally once in game on testing.

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