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Black Ice As a Weather Phenomenon

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Not sure if this was addressed earlier. If it was, let me know. 

With that behind, I suggest icing on roads to form as a result of freezing temperatures after a rain or fog. I'm pretty sure there's a grip mechanic regarding tires so shouldn't be hard to implement (hopefully, I'm not a dev). This would add a bit more realism and challenge to driving a car. Imagine just casually driving and then losing control which ends with a glorious crash.
Well technically even water on a road should decrease the grip in some way. Dirt roads could get muddy as well, slowing a car down. 

What is your opinion on this suggestion?

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The devs have confirmed a weather overhaul will come one day. The current stable build is the Weather Update though, so I wouldn't expect it for some time. Hydroplaning in general could be a good addition that wouldn't be too difficult. It could even utilize the dynamic puddle system so you could avoid them with enough skill. Black ice would be welcome some day, but I would hope players and zombies could also slide and fall on it. Blizzards and tornadoes would be terrifyingly awesome challenges to face. Hopefully these systems would be as in depth as the other weather is. I would love to use my knowledge of the game world to know when and how black ice forms, or to predict and prepare for a blizzard/tornado.

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