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(v. 41) bug when making fruit salad

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i'm not sure how many combinations are effected by this bug, but if i make a fruit salad from 4 ingredients and then i eat 3/4 of it, if i then add 1 more ingredient to it, it will act as if i made a brand new salad with 5 ingredients; for example my current fruit salad had -7 hunger left because i had already eaten 3/4 of it (originally made with 1 part cherry and 3 parts pineapple) and i just added 1 more part of grapes to it and it resulted in a full salad with -45 hunger; also from what i've noticed so far this bug when implemented exactly how i previously mentioned is 100% repeatable; i specifically tried this again, with a fruit salad made from 4 ingredients, after eating 3/4 of it and then adding one more part, it filled it up all the way; again i have not tried the many other combinations to see if this bug works with different numbers of ingredients and eating different amounts from the original and then adding another ingredient; i'm sure a review of the code will determine what's wrong


update: i've noticed this with 5 ingredients adding another one also...i'm gonna guess you can do this every time you add an ingredient after eating some of the dish; it's kind of a way to cheat the cooking system; i can make a salad for example and eat 3/4 of it, then add 1 more ingredient and it will keep giving the stats as if i had just made the salad with that many ingredients in the beginning...

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