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  1. These aren't necessarily bugs, but a lack of implementation I started a game that was set on 'very cold' and 'very rainy' while running the infinite fog and relentless snow mods because i wanted heavy fog and freezing weather all the time for an interesting experience. For the most part I really like the result but ran into some issues. 1- You should be able to acquire water from snow, I was not able to get any water because it was snowing all the time. It would make sense to be able to collect snow from the ground and/or in a cooking pot, bucket, saucepan etc., then
  2. heh...city folk...i used to live in a spot where on moonless nights when i came home after work and i didn't leave my headlights on, i wouldn't be able to see my hand in front of my face as i tried to find my front door; and in a place like that during a heavy downpoor (rain), even with a flashlight you wouldn't be able to see but a few feet in front of you; i'm not sure if the weather/lighting system is working perfectly but also realize that light reflects a LOT better off of snow; you could be in the middle of nowhere with snow covered ground with a full moon in the middle of the night and
  3. i'm not sure how many combinations are effected by this bug, but if i make a fruit salad from 4 ingredients and then i eat 3/4 of it, if i then add 1 more ingredient to it, it will act as if i made a brand new salad with 5 ingredients; for example my current fruit salad had -7 hunger left because i had already eaten 3/4 of it (originally made with 1 part cherry and 3 parts pineapple) and i just added 1 more part of grapes to it and it resulted in a full salad with -45 hunger; also from what i've noticed so far this bug when implemented exactly how i previously mentioned is 100% repeatable; i s
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