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    These aren't necessarily bugs, but a lack of implementation I started a game that was set on 'very cold' and 'very rainy' while running the infinite fog and relentless snow mods because i wanted heavy fog and freezing weather all the time for an interesting experience. For the most part I really like the result but ran into some issues. 1- You should be able to acquire water from snow, I was not able to get any water because it was snowing all the time. It would make sense to be able to collect snow from the ground and/or in a cooking pot, bucket, saucepan etc., then maybe you have to melt it to get potable water. 2- In the case of the game I was playing, it was below freezing outside and inside the whole time, sometimes reaching below -50 degrees F with the windchill; it would be really neato if you could drop food items on the ground and the environment would act like a freezer when the temperatures are low enough, keeping them from spoiling 3- It might also make sense for the weather/temperatures to effect growing certain crops, i still haven't got into farming yet in this game, but it might make sense to only grow some crops through the winter and some through summer
  2. I noticed you have a fast forward multiplier set; did someone log in and play on their own and use the fast forward button? also i think if you sleep and are the only person on the server it will fast forward the time that you are sleeping
  3. i recently started playing again after a long time; i haven't played this game since before the update with the cars was released, so that is all new to me and i immediately jumped into this v.41 beta ...and all i have to say is you guys screwed up big time; v41 is SOOO much better with so many improvements xD; the demand for multiplayer is going to be ridiculous; i'm certainly already wanting it; i used to run my own server with friends back in the day and am dying to try this new v.41 build with friends xD; you should not have improved the game so much! gimmi gimmi gimmi multiplayer! (and yes i've seen the thread about progress on MP, so link is not necessary)
  4. heh...city folk...i used to live in a spot where on moonless nights when i came home after work and i didn't leave my headlights on, i wouldn't be able to see my hand in front of my face as i tried to find my front door; and in a place like that during a heavy downpoor (rain), even with a flashlight you wouldn't be able to see but a few feet in front of you; i'm not sure if the weather/lighting system is working perfectly but also realize that light reflects a LOT better off of snow; you could be in the middle of nowhere with snow covered ground with a full moon in the middle of the night and it would be super bright out. the only problem i've seen is when it's supposed to be super dark, or could be the dense fog effect in the middle of the night where the screen is all white and you can actually see better than if the fog wasn't there; lately i've been running the infinite fog + infinite snow + very cold and very rainy xD...and i have the power and water go out instantly; it's pretty nuts but is a lot more immersive and intense
  5. i'm not sure how many combinations are effected by this bug, but if i make a fruit salad from 4 ingredients and then i eat 3/4 of it, if i then add 1 more ingredient to it, it will act as if i made a brand new salad with 5 ingredients; for example my current fruit salad had -7 hunger left because i had already eaten 3/4 of it (originally made with 1 part cherry and 3 parts pineapple) and i just added 1 more part of grapes to it and it resulted in a full salad with -45 hunger; also from what i've noticed so far this bug when implemented exactly how i previously mentioned is 100% repeatable; i specifically tried this again, with a fruit salad made from 4 ingredients, after eating 3/4 of it and then adding one more part, it filled it up all the way; again i have not tried the many other combinations to see if this bug works with different numbers of ingredients and eating different amounts from the original and then adding another ingredient; i'm sure a review of the code will determine what's wrong update: i've noticed this with 5 ingredients adding another one also...i'm gonna guess you can do this every time you add an ingredient after eating some of the dish; it's kind of a way to cheat the cooking system; i can make a salad for example and eat 3/4 of it, then add 1 more ingredient and it will keep giving the stats as if i had just made the salad with that many ingredients in the beginning...
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