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A solution to not being able to see

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A problem I've run into a couple of times is not being able to see underneath roofs t hat are out in the open. I'm talking about things like the roof over the fossoil gas station in muldraugh, or the awnings on some of the mall buildings. The problem begins when they don't cut away unless you're basically underneath them, meaning you're going in blind, not knowing what zeds are underneath said roof.

The way I see it could be fixed are;

Automatically cut away the roof if any zombies are underneath it (which could be exploitable)

Cut away the roof if you're zoomed in far enough (probably the closest you can be zoomed in)

Cut away the roof if you're in look mode (holding rmb and dragging the mouse)


I think some system is necessary (my favourite being cutting away the roof if you're in look mode), as the with  current cutaways, though it's nice being able to see the whole building, you're at (in my oppinion) quite a disadvantage.

Let me know what you think.

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