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Pixelated Building Hitbox (?)

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I'm really glad to finally see the push into the anims update!

However, whenever I am in a building, a pixelated outline appears on the windows and everywhere that the camera is supposed to cut away the building so you can see inside.

For clarity i've included a screenshot.

My laptop runs with 8 gb ram, an i5 7th gen processor and an intel graphics card (don't know which one i'm afraid).

I have validated my game files and everything should be alright. Before i validated my game files I had the "Random quitting" bug that i've seen some others mention.

Does anyone experience this issue and if yes, have you managed to resolve it one way or another?



Don't get bit!


Bugreport PZ 1.PNG

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Would be interesting to know if this helps:

Try turning on the higher zoom options, in Options: 225% and 250%.


No idea why that'd work, but someone else reported it fixing the problem. Note though that zooming out that far will have a negative affect on FPS; that's why we have it set lower by default.

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Well I'll be damned.

For now it seems to have worked, though I did crash when swapping the settings.

I'll play some more later, see if I can help squash some more bugs no?


Thanks for the help,

Hopefully this scratch won't get infected....



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