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Camp Hope Will Rise Again

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I am the co - founder of a very old roleplay Zomboid community.
what started out as a few friends playing co-op turned into something much more. we created a camp called camp hope, we created memories happy and tragic...many lost their lives

creating hope for others until our story came to an end and camp hope finally fell and those dear to us died fighting the hordes allowing others to get to safety. we drifted town to town but never recovered.


we aim to create memories like this again with the new update and when the multiplayer is finally released we hope to do that we are starting from scratch and aim to create hope and fun stories like this again through zomboid and our love of roleplay


here is a link to our discord https://discord.gg/5m9PthC


I shall see you out there again survivors for hope is not lost and the rise of camp hope shall come again

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