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Combat Balancing for Build 41

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Build 41 is great but I do feel combat needs to be balanced to allow players to play smart.


Player ARM Defense


For example Being bitten vs Grapple. 


An Early form of protection should be Magazines + duct tape. Player wraps 3 magazines around their forearm and has duct tape holding it. 


This 100% prevents bites to their fore arm. The downside is it also causes a "grapple" 
The player is stuck in the grapple and 1 arm becomes "restricted" - so player is limited to 1 handed weapons. 


If the player has high strength - can push the zed down and do a finisher. This of course is a bad idea against a group as you are now much easier to knock down.

Player with high strength can also push the enemy out of the grapple.

Low strength players will have to repeatedly hit the zombie until it breaks its hold. 


The Durability of the Magazine armor is extremely low. 

Next tier level is double layered leather. 

Final Tier is crafted sheet metal but slow you down,, reduces accuracy if you are low on strength, also increase stamina drain. But has very little durability loss. 


This gives player a defensive option but also has negative side effect of it. 



Should have a "Minimum" thrust distance. If you try to thrust a zombie within that distance the player should just push the zombie away instead.


Clubs \ Blunt

2 handed - should have more knockback groups and higher chance to knock down, but less chance to insta kill when an enemy is standing ( but does insta kill when enemy is knocked down ) 

1 handed - Has medium chance to knock down single target, causes prolonged knock down, takes 1 - 3 hits to kill when on the ground. 

Loses durability slowly



Has chance to instant kill

Little to no knock back

Loses durability faster


Pellet shotgun

Can instant kill groups of zombies at short range 2  -5 tiles away.

Drastic drop off in damage after 5 tiles 

At 1 - 2 tiles player does push back animation

Loud noise


Slug Shotgun

Can hit multiple targets in a line but more likely to knock them down instead of killing them. 

Medium Noise


Automatic Rifle 

High accuracy medium range 4 - 10 tiles

Low accuracy point blank 1 - 4 tiles

Low accuracy long range 10+ tiles


Bolt Action

High accuracy long \ medium range 6 - 20

Low accuracy 1 - 6 tiles

Slow fire rate ( by time you fire one shot normal zed can close gap 3.5 tiles - sprinter can close gap 6 tiles in the span of a shot.



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