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Mansion, KY

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Created for the fresh game version 40.40 and 40.43.


I aslo uploaded this mod on NEXUS here is the link:

Download from Nexus

I also attached this mod in this post.


Mansion - On the outskirts of Kentucky, in the middle of a forest is located a huge mansion. 
This private property on its territory has a garage, steel fence, fresh air, storage unit 
and even greenhouse in case the fridge is almost empty. 
This is one of the nicest, safest and peaceful places you could ever find in the whole Kentucky! 
In case you ran out of supplies you could visit a convenience store, only several miles away!


In game tutorial is great and by having that kind of a mansion it would be much easier for newbies to learn how stuff works in this game and safer from the start.


P.S: Game engine doesn't like walls completely made from (glass) windows and because of that it will be a little tricky to use a greenhouse.


P.S.S. To developers: I would be so glad and honored to see this mansion as a part of the game in the final game. Or at least as a challenge map. Or both. :)
My intention was to build a vanilla mansion on the outskirts of Kentucky. Because many houses too close to the town. Many work and testing was done. Plus a cell aligned with adjacent cells.

I will gladly share my source files to the developers if needed, just ask me by using my email address: flanua@gmail.com

PZ Mansion KY.zip

Mansion Title.jpg

Edited by Flanua
Repaired download link

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On 2/21/2019 at 2:06 PM, josko_91 said:


Very nice map! I like it.

Do you think you could add a room filled with guns and ammo like the gunshop?

I think that would be awesome:P


About room filled with guns: it will be unbalanced and there already gunshop nearby near gas station.

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