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  1. Those links dont work
  2. I face a similar problem. The curbs are not rendered above the floor tiles. It looks as expected in both WorldEd and Tiled though. I tried moving the curbs to layers above but it does not help. It is a custom 1x1 map.
  3. Hi all, I'm working on a small commercial area outside of Muldraugh, KY. The goal is to add 8 stores, 1 factory and 2 apartment complexes to one of the main roads. Maybe on half the way to the farm land. The history behind this is a place to shop and work for folks living near the farmland, who dont want to drive all the way to Muldraugh (and vice versa). The idea behind this is to learn how to map and create buildings. I plan to fill one cell with a lot of forest, the 1 main road and said buildings. This is the progess I've got so far (imgur album). ----------------------------- history: stores done: tools, groceries, bakery, diner, medical, storage rental other buildings done: factory work in progress: apartment complex
  4. Hi all, do you know of any technical way / or issue to create basements as a map or mod? The forum has a feature-request topic where "sewers / basements" are said to be planned [y]. That probably means it is technically possible (with the engine). Is there a way to teleport a player? I think of creating a map cell far far away and teleport a player there if he uses a "special basement door". This is a way I know some older games like UO solve it on certain maps Edit: So after digging around in mod scripts an so on, I found out that teleporting is no problem. After creating a custom map and some tilesets, I think creating a cell that is sorounded by "black / underground" tiles is also no problem. This will let a room look like its underground. There are some new questions open that I need to find an answer to: How to be notified when a player uses a door? There is one thing with listening for a keypress. But there is also the context menu to open doors. How to "save" the information which door leads to which new coordinate. You probably want to define this in WorldEd. Maybe custom areas can be a solution? A door could then check if there is a custom area at its own location and use that. PS. Yes I'm a programmer, just throw Java/Lua/API stuff or solution ideas at me.
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