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It seems that no one wants to host a hardcore server. If people want this to go through, message me and I will decide if I host a server under these conditions:


  • PvP is always on with friendly fire
  • No nametags
  • strong zombies
  • Everyone is infected

I've tried hosting a server like this before, but not that many people took interest.

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You should find group of people who will start simultaneously.

Joining old world without loot is not fun, but playing in new world with high loot is not fun too. So only one option is struggle for resources from the start of the server.


P.S. I would join but I have high ping.

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On 04/12/2018 at 03:09, Astenlinkfir3 said:

Parece que ninguém quer hospedar um servidor hardcore. Se as pessoas quiserem que isso aconteça, envie uma mensagem para mim e decidirei se eu hospedar um servidor nessas condições:


  • PvP está sempre ligado com fogo amigo
  • Nenhum nametags
  • zumbis fortes
  • Todo mundo está infectado

Eu tentei hospedar um servidor como este antes, mas não que muitas pessoas tenham interesse.

quero me hosperdar


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