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A zombie + machine apocalypse war combined; would it work?

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I've been toying around with this story idea in my head about an apocalypse that is both zombie-related and also machine-related, as in like in the Terminator.


Do you think this would work? I've always wanted to mix the two, because I feel like a zombie-only apocalypse limits the lore in terms of threats available (you're basically just stuck with humans and former-humans). I think adding machines/sentient AI would spruce things up and would allow all kinds of interesting conflicts to happen, plus it would be cool to introduce futuristic weapons into a zombie apocalypse environment.


What I've been trying to figure out for a while now is how to fit all of the pieces together. I'm trying to figure out a way to make the story coherent. Initially, here's what I thought:


I'm picturing a Deus Ex 1-like dystopian future. Some time ago, a rock from space fell to earth and it was discovered that the energies harvested from that stone is very, very efficient, leading to rapid technological advances (hence the futuristic technology and weapons), and it is also discovered that the rocks contains properties that can alter the human genes, as well as a cure for cancer (I know, how original; bear with me! :P). Technology has advanced to the point where AI is common, and machines/robots are now consumer-grade and available everywhere in the world.


Eventually it is revealed that the cancer-curing/gene-altering aspects of the rock quickly degrades humans and infects them with something that turns them into the undead. I'm thinking the fast, 28 Days Later kind (but there would also be slow ones; the infection varies). At the same time, somehow something is activated in the AI of all machines in the world that causes them to see humans (non-infected) as a threat - probably because they are "alive" - which causes machines to eradicate all humans, Terminator-style.


So in this scenario, the protagonists of the story would have to deal with both the undead and the killer machines. The end of the story would probably revolve around trying to disable the AI that drives the machines (say there is some SkyNet-like entity somewhere in the world) all while trying to survive in a dying, decaying world full of zombies and very scarce food, water and shelter.


Please excuse the poor writing in this post, this is all a little fragmented even in my head, but what do you think?

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