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Military Hazmat/NBC Suits ?

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Could we also be looking forward to seeing military hazmat/nbc suits ? Military presence should own this since the virus is understood to be mostly airborne, hence a gas mask and suit. Made from rubber and different layers, it should provide some protection against bites, though I have to tell you, these things are hot and heavy, but they offer a wide variety of protection against anything nuclear, biological and chemical. This one is a Romanian gas mask and full NBC suit that can be found on military guards stationed at the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant and around some gun/chemical facilities. This one is mine,a rare model that is standard issue in Romania for anyone working in a highly dangerous place or keeping guard over. Excuse my background, it's hard to get it on and then walk around to do a good picture. Here's an example. Anyone who wants to see more I'll post other pictures. Didn't put the filter and gloves to take a picture. Coal based filters. The game already has coal, makeshift gas masks could be possible. I think it would be a good idea for corpse management also and so on :P Good mobility for arms, legs, only if you wear boots inside.IMG_20170710_222639.thumb.jpg.9196ba511b503833c9caebee9c78cb62.jpg

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