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Okamikurainya's Map Projects

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4 years since I've posted in this topic... Wow.

Well, I just wanted to share a little experiment I was working on:


A 75x150 map.

Wanted to see if smaller maps were possible and they are.



Including an update of some cave textures.








The smaller size works fine ingame and I feel like it could lead to some cool deathmatch style maps.
I'm no good with LUA, but if there's anyone who is and can possibly do some coding for a deathmatch mod, it could be quite epic.

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So I started porting the tiles from Survival Crisis Z over to Project Zomboid:



But I got a bit burned out, what with other projects more important to me also being worked on...
I got through a decent portion of the tiles though, all of them contained here:

Free for anyone to use as they so please. These were all made with my IsoZoid tool, so give that a check out as well:

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