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Okamikurainya's Map Projects

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So I've decided to upload a few pics and such based on the maps I'm working on at the moment. ^_^

Old stuff (No longer being worked on:


Arcadia (PTA-Gauteng)


Pretoria is my current neigbourhood and is quite a bit different from the usual Project Zomboid town. Arcadia is a relativly small suburb with quite a few parks and interesting buildings.


The area circled is what I'm going to complete for a first release, depending on certain other factors I'll expand it to other blocks and hopefully all of Arcadia.


Start on the first building, interiors still need to be furnished and some detailing done to the exterior. I'm still learning, slowly but surely.


Second building, a student recreational building.


Some of the extra tiles I'm adding and editing. Pretoria is known as the Jacaranda city, these purple flowered trees line nearly all the streets, the ones shown are the Spring (left) and Summer (right) variants. Then you can't have Africa without cacti and palms, these ripped from Stronghold: Crusade.

And finally, the red ochre coloured earth that is everywhere.

Kaapsehoop (Mpumalanga Highlands)


As practice for Pretoria I'll be working on the smaller scale mountain town of Kaapsehoop. The type of biome represented in Kaapsehoop is far closer to that of the traditional Project Zomboid map, just a lot rockier and with some euphorbia and aloes scaterred about.



Random Tests and Stuff


I'm still getting the hang of things and have yet to figure out how to get custom tiles to show up ingame even though I've followed the guides step by step (I'm probably making a stupid mistake which I'll soon stumble across).



My plan with the cave was to make a large survival map with zombies spawning on an unreachable upper floor and pouring in through various points. The cave would have the starting "hut", a room with a lake, a mine, several passages with crates spread about and a grotto where the player could farm.


Update on the state of the cave, tiles a mix up of Fallout Tactics and Jagged Alliance 2.

If anyone is willing to lend a hand it would be much appreciated. ^_^



Edited by Okamikurainya

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Started work on the student lodge recreational building:Pretoria_Arcadia_Building_02_zpswkcdmdio

Also, I GOT CUSTOM TILES WORKING IN GAME!!!Cave_zpsw5jwjfhl.png

"Oh don't let the cave-in get you down. Don't let the falling rocks turn your smile into a frown!"

I could help with the buildings (Only on weekends lol)

Thanks! I'm fine with the buildings, for now at least, but since I'm working on a lot of apartment buildings you'd be up for doing some interior decorating or polishing the buildings? :D

I like your custom textures, something fresh and impressive.  (tophat)  :)

Thanks! ^_^ Now that I can easily add tiles I'll be able to do a lot more without worrying about pulling my hair out in frustration.

And yes, I'll be releasing the cave tiles soon, there are a lot better mappers than me out there who I'm sure can do a lot more with them than I can.

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The Pretoria Art Museum, it and the surrounding grounds will be at the very centre of the Arcadia Map.


On another little side project, I'm working on additional spawn maps for the vanilla survival/sandbox game, ones that truly baffle me by their exclusion and some just for fun:

Dixie, KY.

Knob Creek, KY.

Knox County, KY. (Stand alone map from "You have one day")

Pony Roam-O, KY.

Valley Station, KY.

If anyone is up for joining the Arcadia, PTA map project then I could use all the help I can get.

I need:

LUA scripters.

Sprite and Tile artists.

Anyone willing to work on a single city block surrounding the area I'm working on, even if it's just the buildings for me to place.

Anyone interested in working on building interiors.


I'll be focusing on the four blocks circled in red in the opening post.

I'll also be releasing the first version of my tileset during the week sometime, once I've gotten all the basics for Arcadia in and finished with the cave tiles.

Sure im up for that :P

You, you fluffy doge you, get a gold star.

Very Nice!




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Triple post... Two on the same day no less... Ooh er...

But fret not, for I bring gifts!

V0.0.1 of Okamikurainya's tilesets! Containing all the tiles you see below:



I really hope to see at least one awesome cave map. ^_^

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Wooooooo :P

You should make a tutorial thread lol


Working on it!



remember me on the good old Jagged Alliance :D


Unfortunatly I never managed to get involved with the Jagged Alliance community. :(



Thanks for sharing custom textures, will serve me for my map.  (clyde)  (fedora)


Anytime! I lack secondary skills in certain areas so I'm all for sharing. I'm really astonished more custom tilesets haven't been released. Creativity sometimes needs the whole town! ^_^

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*Listens for crickets....*


Gosh... I can't even hear them. :shock:






No undead Pokemon I'm afraid. :-|


And an update of my tileset collection:



New version includes cliffs and Wild West tiles. Tombstone City anyone? Huh huh? Hint hint? Anyone? Maps made with the old version are fully cmpatible but any made with these new tiles will require this new version.

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Did I just cross some Taboo or something? :P


This is Going to be awesome. Ready for your final creations. Even a test of sorts. ;)



For Arcadia, it could still be a while. But not too much of a while. I've managed to complete the exterior of four buildings, which I'm still detailing when I notice something that I want to detail or learn something new, so far and fluffe9911 is helping out with interiors. The art museum is goiung to be tough, since I'm making new tiles for some things and I'm really not much of an artist...


So another shout out! Anyone with sprite/tile/pixel ability, I need YOU! Join up today and get a free nod of approval. :D

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Wow... Tis quiet as a caterpillar's giggle in here...

It makes me cry. T^T

Ah well, have some pictures! :D


Work is proceeding on the basic layout of Arcadia. I'm still only focusing on those four blocks for now but I thought it wise to set up the area around them for aesthetic reasons as well as paving the road for future work. This entire area is 9x6cells.

As for possible futures...

Union Buildings:

South Africa's answer to America's White House. I certainly want to work on the this area, it has some beautiful wilderness surrounding its north east and the gardens themselves would make for a very unique Zomboid experience. I've obtained the floor plans but it will have to wait till I'm a bit more skilled.


Hatfield holds the University and all the Spiffo's, burger joints, clothing stores you could want. I certainly want to expand in this direction and would love if someone could help me design some PZ equivalents of fast food joints like Wimpy, Burger King, Nando's, Spur and the ironically absent Kentucky Fried Chicken.


This area is second on my to do list once Arcadia-proper is done. Nothing really special to say.

Town Center:

Impossible until building hight-cap is removed or additional floors are made available.


This is the absolutely terrifying public restroom located on the south west corner of the Art Museum's park. I swear that zombies inhabit the IRL version as well. D:

As usual, would appreciate all the help, feedback, hugs you can offer. Pixel/tile/sprite artists would make things go at least 20% faster and LUA geniuses would make the whole thing more fun. ^_^

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So I started on Winterfell from Game of Thrones, not much to look at now but I think it could be interesting.


I heard talk of a medieval mod somewhere, anyone know if that's still a thing?

I know Hydrocraft has medieval weapons but AFAIK they don't have unique models.

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