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  1. 1066: Clearing grass should result in the chance to find Plant Fiber for crafting Twine based on the Player's Foraging skill. At the moment clearing grass is simply for aesthetics at best and a nuisance at worst, some realistic reward would be a nice addition.
  2. Population data for the region and time period exists, I actually started a mod for having realistic regional demographics a while back... Think I should continue that, though maybe drop the sex and race aspects out of it for now and focus on bulk population number... Would anyone be interested in that?
  3. Personally I disagree that it should be a skill. I see a lot of people complain about driving on Discord, how they're frustrated by the fact you actually have to watch your speed and not just hold in the accelerator the whole time... Throw RNG into that and I imagine that there will be blood curdling screams from many. That said, a "Can't Drive/No Driver's License" Trait which may have the player driving have some annoyance to it like the player's movement when drunk (I've never gotten drunk and driven in game, is there an effect?) could be quite cool, as the choice to take the trait is fully under the player's control. If it were to be implemented, I'd suggest a hidden variable that would slowly but surely lessen and eventually fully negate the trait if the player drives around enough.
  4. Just tried it out! Working great! 3 things: 1. Yay! The game has been optimized to the point that even my 32-bit PC can run it on full graphics now. :3 2. Not sure if it's worth a bug/suggestion or what not, but socks and shoes fished out of the river are in pristine condition. 3. Tilled land right on the coast looks odd with fancy water. I've been using the spot as a source of worms prior to upping the water graphics from their sprite counterpart.
  5. I'd love an "Infected" mode, with Sprinters that can climb fences and handle damage like living characters to a certain extent, so they'll bleed out if they have a serious wound. And yeah, a Climbers option in the Zombie lore for Zeds climbing fences. :3 Great work so far TIS!
  6. Everytime I hit Continue, characters who do not have the Nutritionist Trait are able to see the nutritional values of food. At first I thought it was maybe certain foods with packaging (an awesome idea by the way) but it happens with all food. As you can see, Terry does not have Nutritionist and as far as I am aware, there is no vanilla way in which to gain the trait that may be confusing me. This is vanilla without debug.
  7. How fast are you driving?! O_O I'm a bit of a sucky driver, so I hit things pretty often, but I rarely ever even get slight damage because I make sure to keep an eye on my speed gauge, rarely going above 60 and never actually needing to.
  8. I think a buff should come in the form of an update to farming in general, with seasonal crops being a major part of it. Farmers, unlike other occupations, would be able to tell exactly when to plant their crops, as it would be displayed in the seed's info, anyone else would have to figure it out through trial and error as their crops either grow and flourish or wither away fast. They'd also have a greater effect on the crops everytime they water them and treat them for illnesses and such.
  9. With wall hugging and zombies propped up against walls, this is far more noticeable than ever. I'm honestly not sure how it could be logically fixed, granting X-axis dominance for characters against Eastern walls and Y-axis dominance for characters against Southern walls has it's own issues, but it's currently a bit of an eyesore and I'd classify it as a glitch.
  10. Released a new version for B41. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1908499360
  11. I love forests, in fact, we need more of them. #TeamTrees On topic: I've also noticed zombies being able to see through trees, though I thought it may be them tracking my sound.
  12. ZombieZoneDefinition.lua in "ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\NPCs"
  13. They're all stored in "ProjectZomboid\media\lua\server\Items"
  14. Looking at the source, it seems like Protein only affects Fitness, and not Strength: Edit: And just like that, I find it: if (perk.getType() == PerkFactory.Perks.Strength && this.chr instanceof IsoPlayer) { if (((IsoPlayer)this.chr).getNutrition().getProteins() > 50.0F && ((IsoPlayer)this.chr).getNutrition().getProteins() < 300.0F) { paramFloat = (float)(paramFloat * 1.5D); } if (((IsoPlayer)this.chr).getNutrition().getProteins() < -300.0F) { paramFloat = (float)(paramFloat * 0.7D); } } Found in zombie\characters\IsoGameCharacter$XP.class
  15. What could be nice is the addition of a random incubation period before the onset of symptoms, based on the severity of the Bite/Scratch/Laceration and where you were injured. It would still be a death sentence, but would trick you into playing a bit longer. That said, it could also have some people crying "glitch!" 100% certain death mechanics are always hard to balance in high time investment games.
  16. It's possible, but I wouldn't rely on it. Once it's in the blood, the chance that it's been circulated will go up every second and even then it's important to seek medical attention and get the shot. I don't think I'd take the risk of just disinfecting the wound. https://www.elsevier.com/connect/8-things-you-may-not-know-about-rabies-but-should
  17. I wouldn't say it's super rare... Despite what Zombie Hunter said, a quick Google search of yearly Rabies incidents in Kentucky will present numbers of around 20 to 40 cases per year, though that may be County based in some results, so the number may be higher. That isn't very large overall, but that's most likely people who are more likely to be bitten. If more people venture into the wilderness, it may very well increase the chances of them being bitten and thus increase the chances that the bite may pass on Rabies. Well, when 100% of the current enemies have a move that is 100% fatal, any additional enemies will lower that percentage, regardless of how many rabid animals are added, so I don't think it's unfair. And yeah, the discussion is enjoyable.
  18. Hmm... I'm personally not a fan of swapping it out for something less lethal and generic in this case, but it's really up to the devs. We may get no rabies at all even anyway. My main goal was for it to be rare, but fatal. Something you'd have to always be afraid of when dealing with coyotes, feral dogs and the like. The rabies vaccine works by introducing a dead virus to your system, your immune system can then go and defeat this easily accessible and defeatable virus and learn how to create anti-bodies against it. Rabies is unique in that it can only reproduce in neural tissue and it takes a long time for the virus to reach that tissue, unless the animal bites right into your spine. So while the virus is traveling to the tissue it needs, and this can take anything from weeks to months, it is vulnerable to the antibodies produced thanks to the vaccine and so can be wiped out before it becomes dangerous.
  19. For gameplay purposes, I suggested that the vaccine would last for a month. You could very well take it right away and have immunity for the period of that month, if you find more than that then you could keep a constant monthly string of "boosters" going to keep you immune. But in the case you only find the one vial and syringe, that's 4 uses and I believe and have seen that people, myself included, like to hoard medication in games. Just look at the memes of folk slogging inventories full of health and mana potions they never use but keep just in case. Anyhow, this gets even more risky in multiplayer when you may need to share with a group. "Is it worth it? You don't know it was rabid, man. We only have the one vial." Rabies vaccines are actually most commonly administered post-bite and the effects don't last forever. In reality antibodies may persist in the body for years, but I'd suggest it be simplified. That said, it's also perfectly valid if the rabies vaccine would give permanent immunity in game, I just don't think it makes for good gameplay. Flu vaccinations can require yearly shots, or even more, as the influenza virus is highly mutagenic and can change to attach in a totally different way. Heck, a flu vaccination can fail if you simply leave the region and get exposed to flu from far away.
  20. I think the best possible option is to limit it to the most common types of animals which we associate rabies with, and even then to have it rare within those groups. I think bite and scratch protection from clothes will also play a big part for protection from animals, as well as from zombies... I also think that the amount of hostile animals will be relatively low... In my previous animal suggestion I listed the various animals you'd expect to find in Kentucky and most wouldn't actually aggro, and would rather flee from the player wherever possible... Heck, even the ones that would aggro would probably realistically flee rather. If an animal is coming at you as if it were something from The Elder Scrolls bestiary, then you'd already have a good guess that it may have something wrong with it and know that you may have to take a vaccine just to be safe. That could present an interesting scenario actually... Could the animal's randomly generated temperament have made it more likely to bite at you relatively unprovoked, or could it have been rabid? Do you risk taking the vaccine when it could have been harmless and so waste the rare and valuable item, or do you leave it and end up beyond recovery?
  21. 1063: A recently leveled indicator next to the skill that just leveled up. Now that leveling is automated, it can be hard to keep track of what just leveled up and I think a little icon would help that.
  22. Also happens if the rod breaks while fishing on fast forward.
  23. That's not all I'm doing... It feels like you've skipped 90% of my post. 100% disagree, but then again of course I disagree since I made the suggestion in the first place. Disease is one of the most dangerous factors of the apocalypse, it always will be, and thus is important in PZ. It adds flavour and much needed danger to the post game, something desperately needed. That's a lot of value. That couldn't be further from the truth. You then go to state exactly what I suggested while saying I didn't suggest it... Please, just read through the opening post.
  24. I'm guessing that it isn't limited to the Welder Mask, but probably also a few other articles of clothing that shouldn't be able to be used as a source of fuel for fires.
  25. Not "always"... I used to have a base south of Dixie built around the concept that zombies would still try to walk directly at you, allowing you to pick them off through the fence. Which makes sense for an insatiable and stupid killing machine and leads to situations like that seen in the Prison saga of The Walking Dead.
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