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  1. Hmm... That behind the sign? Really tall grass! Better get the lawn mower out. That said, while I don't know how I feel about coconut grenades, they do sell at least coconut based products in Mudraugh, so says the google.
  2. Okamikurainya

    Stop the DEPRESSION!!!

    Doesn't seem to, at least for me, and certainly not to the extent that it used to. I absolutely adore how it worked in 1.5d.
  3. Okamikurainya

    Project Zomboid BaseMap

    For the use of map additions and such, so you know where to place things. Up to date with current version, you'll need to resave it as a .BMP to use it in WorldEd. BASE PREVIEW: BASE DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yNOj2HtOG1MNaBMENLXDru6ecacm8Qjv/view VEGETATION PREVIEW: VEGETATION DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12gGjdu89LATwgqZELu4EFfh47XlxwWyz/view
  4. Okamikurainya

    Stop the DEPRESSION!!!

    Your neighbor is missing part of her face, your highschool buddy just ate the Spiffo's fry cook, you're having to farm since the food at the local store has gone rotten, your crush tried to bite your throat out and you aren't quite sure she was even a zombie at the time... I say make it MORE depressing. Get some more sad violin, slow and deep plucking of the guitar, nostalgic and long notes... That said... A return of situational music would be nice and I'd adore a new piece specifically for being played during a heavy thunder storm.
  5. Okamikurainya

    Rename storage containers

    It would be hard to apply naming of containers without it being immersion breaking or redundant, in my opinion. If it's just floating text above the container, it would look sort of weird, or if it's a sign on or next to it then you'd probably be able to just check the container anyhow. I think a nice alternative would be the ability to use the ingame painting tools to paint crates a certain colour, allowing you to colour code your storage.
  6. Okamikurainya

    Knox County Revival

    Muchas gracias! Lo haré. Changed up the suburb's supermarket: -Original- -New- Progress on the suburbs is coming along slowly but surely: I don't know why the bricks under the windows seem a bit lighter, they're the same texture as the rest of the exterior trim... Might just be a lighting issue in the editor. Tend to build the base of the building first and then go back and work on it, changing and adding things that make sense to me. I prefer working on landscapes to buildings, so this part is going a bit slower.
  7. Okamikurainya

    Knox County Revival

    Heya all! I've been slowly but surely remaking and remastering the original Knox County map in its' entirety and I've reached a point that I feel showing some of the work would be okay. I've been adding a few things I feel are common sense here and there, such as bedrooms to houses that didn't have, extra details, etc... Screenshots: Also worked up a set of counters that never made it into the modern version: Was hoping someone would be up for helping me upscale a few other objects that never made it to the modern version. It would be a massive help as I'm fine with editing, but my actual sprite creation skills are lacking. Still a long way to go. The first segment of the Northern Highway is complete and I'm focusing on the Suburbs now, with the Villas being the next focus.
  8. 1042: The return of context sensitive music. Been playing the older version of the game a lot lately and the music implementation just feels so good. The foreboding sound of being outside, the calm when you retreat into a safe house... I don't know if there is supposed to still be some context sensitivity as regards to facing a large group of zombies or not, the music seems to be on shuffle for me, with the frantic hoard music sometimes playing in calm situations.
  9. Okamikurainya

    Changes to Zombie Bump Damage

    My idea for this was: I still don't think that a single zombie should be able to do much of any damage to any structure, but the sound of it trying to get in would lure others which would lead to an actual risk. Also, on this note, zombies still, even after all these years, prefer constructions to juicy player meat. I can lead a zombie to a wall and it will totally ignore me until I physically assault it. Living things, whether they be PC, NPC or animal, should always be a higher priority to a zombie than a structure. This desperately needs to change.
  10. Okamikurainya

    Knox County Revival

    Thanks! Still failing with them though. On the other hand, I'm considering expanding into RingoD's map pack at a later date... That's a big MAYBE though... But until then, have some Moo Town:
  11. Okamikurainya

    Knox County Revival

    Anyone able to help me with a x2 version of these tiles? It's a foot rest that goes along with the green sofa set that, for one reason or another, never made it to the latest version. I tried and failed one too many times to do it on my own. Many thanks for any help!
  12. Okamikurainya

    Making a Map, ideas/suggestions needed

    Something that's interested me is maybe small PvP maps, maybe even remaking maps like Overgrown from Call of Duty 4 for players to battle it out in. With new guns on their way, this could expand the playability of such a map, maybe even a kill count mod that tallies up your player and zombie kills for a final score.
  13. Okamikurainya

    Revision of the Weight System

    I tend to have the exact opposite issue, despite my character taking in more calories than I do in real life even, my weight just keeps going down and down. Still, everything you say is right and it needs to be retooled. Activity should have an effect, even if you don't take in many calories, if you don't burn them then they should continue to add up with only a fixed amount being subtracted each day for standard metabolic functions.
  14. Okamikurainya

    Effects of Winter on Player/Zombies

    I've always hoped for something like this. An excerpt from the book:
  15. Okamikurainya

    Knox County Revival

    Finished another of the Northern Highway tiles after stumbling across a house in the woods. It hasn't been listed on the wiki, so it was quite an interesting surprise. In the original it is identical to the small farmhouse of the first Northern Highway cell. For this version I changed up the interior to give it the feel of an old somewhat unkempt forest house belonging to a man who no longer really cares about much. Trash and grime lay on the floor, but hints show he used to be an avid hunter... The large dirt road on the North West of the minimap leads to the large farm.
  16. 1041: Lore books would be nice too, like in the Elder Scrolls games. Just some nice Kentucky reading, Spiffo's Adventures Comics, letters in mailboxes and so on and so on. Don't have to be long, just around four pages worth even would be nice, just to aid in immersion.
  17. Okamikurainya

    Custom Tile Templates

    Floor Tile Template: The red square tile is the base, brown blending tiles are for dirt/sandy blends while the green ones are for grassy blends. Difference is subtle and probably doesn't matter too much though. Each tile is 128x256, so these would go with the 2x textures. Example: Wall Tile Template: Advertisement and Sign Templates (by Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]): https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25449-templates-for-retexture-шаблоны-для-ретекстур/
  18. Okamikurainya

    Custom Tile Templates

    Added link to topic for Advertisement and Sign templates by Хибити\Hibiti [BLR].
  19. Okamikurainya

    Kentucky Map

    Not sure if anyone else will get a kick out of this like I did. Wanted to see how the ingame area compares to the real size of the state. The scale is 5pixels to 1km. Don't know if this map would be useful to mappers, but I want to make it clear I'm not planning on making an ingame Kentucky map, this was purely for my own edification. Perhaps one could use it to plot out positions in expanding into Kentucky? I originally wanted the scale to be 15pixels to 300m, like the larger PZ map in the left top corner, but... As you can see, the image would have been massive.
  20. Okamikurainya

    Kentucky Map

    Going off the map's coordinates, and assuming a maximum of 50x and 50y, this is the area that has been set aside for the game. Now, fun fact, despite the game area originally being called "Knox County", the ingame area actually spans 4 Kentucky counties (Hardin, Meade, Jefferson and Bullitt) and the real world Knox County Kentucky is many, many miles to the south east, nowhere near the actual game territory. The game area also includes a nice chunk of the Harrison County of Indiana, and maybe a little of Floyd County. Basically all the area across the Ohio River, which makes up a good chunk of cells, with the small community of "New Boston, IN" being at approximately Cell 30x20.
  21. Okamikurainya

    Interactive Crafting Tables to Clean up the GUI

    What about a crafting tab? Not as indepth as the recipe menu, but part of the inventory itself. Click it and it will show you all the items you're currently capable of crafting. You can right click on the item you want to confirm or just double click the item and you'll instantly set about crafting it? This will free up right click menu space... And speaking of right click space... Perhaps you could move the Carpentry Menu to holding ctrl with a hammer equipped and right clicking? You'll be "readying your tools" and there might be less visual noise to find what you need? Same could be done for the Metalworking with the blowtorch and welding mask equipped?
  22. Okamikurainya

    Bloody Age

    It's always bugged me that the zombies in Zomboid have bright red blood and that that never really seems to change... With the animation update on the way, and with it clothing and all sorts of overlays for bleeding and blood splatter, it would be the perfect time for a change in this. Now, from what I know, Zombie age is already tracked. This would be an extension of that. Fresh Zeds could be as they are now, big bags of oxygenated hemoglobin. But then each week that they exist the blood will gradually shift colour. Going from a bright red, to a dark dried blood texture before changing to a fleshy, goopy brown liquid. Harkening back to an older post of mine: The blood colour could tie into the infectiousness of the Zombies and make the blood splatter something to fear and make the "Blood" part of the "Blood+Saliva" actually a factor. A simple 16 colour scale could be used, with the first red having a +0% modifier, but each blood colour level adding a +0.4% risk of infection via blood getting in an open wound or scratches, leaving the oldest with an extra 6% chance of infecting you. A balance to their general weakness at that age. What y'all think?
  23. Okamikurainya

    Custom Tile Templates

    Updated with wall tile templates. If a mod would be so kind as to maybe move this to Tutorials and Resources? Think it would be better suited there. Edit: Updated floor tiles with transparency.
  24. Okamikurainya

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    I've been pouring through the forum and google for a good while now and I've not been able to find anything regarding as to what each Foraging Zone is for. I was wondering, when you can, if you could add that into the tutorial? It would help a lot. The names are mostly self explanatory for where they go, but which ones allow for actual foraging? Which ones do what? These things are still left pretty ambiguous. Thanks in advance! The guide here is helping a lot.
  25. Okamikurainya

    Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)

    Whipped this map of Grove Beach up in CartoZed using the Mapzoid Vacation Island colour scheme for anyone interested.