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game crashes when I try to connect to my server


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My game crashes when I try to connect to my server.

I have tried restarting the server. restarting the client machine.

reinstalling java on both, client and server machine (both use open java-8) 64bit as it is 64bit Ubuntu 15.03
I did app_update 380870 validate on the server machine (to check wether files were corrupted).


My ports are forwarded as follows:



also steam port is open


I can connect to the server and I can create a character, however on loading map it just crashes. I can connect fine to other servers.




in the server console I can see that everything runs fine till port assignment: 16262, client seems connected fine.



connection closed: reason=1 port=1

disconnecting client ID

auth failed

sending ticket

response: 4

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Hello Sir. The same for me.


I had everything working fine. After a few "test plays" I stopped the server and changed the Default Spawn Location inside the servertest.ini and the ISSUE start to occur.


I had to deleted the Zomboid folder (C:\Users\myuser\Zomboid\) to be able to make it work again. VERY strange! Hope that a DEV might be looking at these as we can easily reproduce the issue.

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