Sandboxvar.lua meanings. Here are your answers!
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I figured it out so I am going to post the things that really confused me and made it difficult to understand and manage. After a LOT of troubleshooting, I figured out what all the files do, for the most part. Here is my guide on these items. 


Server.ini pastebin

Sandboxvar.lua pastebin - The stuff that confused me most! 



I won't be updating this most likely until they add more but feel free to keep this thread bookmarked if you will need it later. 


Keep in mind these things when editing these files!

Any changes in server.ini MUST be reloaded via control panel or in game. 

Any changes via Sandboxvar.lua or Zombies.ini requires a soft reset 


If you wish to change the map, reload the character data, or anything else the server has to be hard reset, as in completely re-installed with the multiplayer folder deleted and re-made. 


So, for the last 15 hours I have been wracking my head over my desk trying to figure out all this. Here are the files I am seeing in my 3rd party server by Citidel: 










All of these files are located under "server" 


Now here is my question. 



Here is my problem. Though I know what 90% of the optoins do, they don't seem to be affecting my multiplayer. For example, Erosion is currently taking over my freshly spawned world. It's 0 months since the apoc started, and EVERYTHING is overgrown and eroded. Can someone explain in detail what each of the arguments and variables mean in our sandbox multiplayer? And what the 1-5 and all that means, in detail? 



I'd appreciate some help here, I've been working on it for hours.


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