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Custom Tooltips v0.2.0

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I'm not sure if this counts as more of a mod or script, but I've managed to enable custom tooltips by setting an item's getModData()["tooltip"] object. It supports multiple labels, too! I haven't managed to make the values stay centered, but got pretty close.





local md = result:getModData();md.tooltip = {};md.tooltip.amount = ZombRand(3) .. "." .. ZombRand(99);


Paste the following spoiler'd script into a new file and save it in the "client" folder of your mod for it to work.



require "ISUI/ISToolTipInv"if ISToolTipInv.loaded ~= nil then    print("Custom tooltips already loaded, skipping...");    returnelse    ISToolTipInv.loaded = 1endfunction ISToolTipInv:render()    -- we render the tool tip for inventory item only if there's no context menu showed    if not ISContextMenu.instance or not ISContextMenu.instance.visibleCheck then        -- tool tips are glitched in that they do not set their properties set before DoTooltip is called        -- therefore we cannot ensure that they are placed correctly        local mx = getMouseX() + 24;        local my = getMouseY() + 24;        if not self.followMouse then            mx = self:getX()            my = self:getY()        end        -- if not self.toolTipDone then            self.tooltip:setX(mx+11);            self.tooltip:setY(my);            self.tooltip:setWidth(50)            self.item:DoTooltip(self.tooltip);           -- self.toolTipDone = true;           -- return;        -- end        -- clampy x, y        local myCore = getCore();        local maxX = myCore:getScreenWidth();        local maxY = myCore:getScreenHeight();        local tw = self.tooltip:getWidth();        local th = self.tooltip:getHeight();        local lh = getTextManager():getFontFromEnum(UIFont.Small):getLineHeight();        self.tooltip:setX(math.max(0, math.min(mx + 11, maxX - tw - 1)));        self.tooltip:setY(math.max(0, math.min(my, maxY - th - 1)));        self:setX(self.tooltip:getX() - 11);        self:setY(self.tooltip:getY());        self:setWidth(tw + 11);        -- helper function        function len(T)            local c = 0            for _ in pairs(T) do c = c + 1 end            return c        end        local itemData = nil;        if self.item:hasModData() then            itemData = self.item:getModData();            if itemData.tooltip ~= nil then                th = th + (lh * len(itemData.tooltip));            end        end        self:setHeight(th);        self:drawRect(0, 0, self.width, self.height, self.backgroundColor.a, self.backgroundColor.r, self.backgroundColor.g, self.backgroundColor.b);        self:drawRectBorder(0, 0, self.width, self.height, self.borderColor.a, self.borderColor.r, self.borderColor.g, self.borderColor.b);        if itemData ~= nil and itemData.tooltip ~= nil then            -- local x = 5;            local count = 1;            local label;            local ty;            for key in pairs(itemData.tooltip) do                ty = 25 + (lh * count);                label = key:gsub("^%l", string.upper) .. ":";                self.tooltip:DrawText(label, 5, ty, 1,1,0.8,1);                -- [x = ] pad + 40 + getTextManager():MeasureStringX(UIFont.Small, label)                self.tooltip:DrawText(itemData.tooltip[key], (self.width / 2) + 12, ty, 1,1,1,1);                count = count + 1;            end        end        self.item:DoTooltip(self.tooltip);    endend 




- Added check so only the first one it finds will be loaded.



- Added ability to add custom tooltips as key/value pairs.

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