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Wooden Stakes

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As I mentioned in another post, game needed a craftable, easy to produce stabbing weapon. We can craft raw axes and hammers, and wood glue offers excellent repair chance for baseball bats and axes.



On the other hand, stabbing weapons are limited. Butter knives are too much fragile. Kitchen knives are not that much fragile, but not reliable; if you also take consideration that they are not available at every kitchen.
Hunting knives are very rare, I find 2-3 in gun shop (West Point) and nowhere else in immediate vicinity (there are also 2-3 of them in gun range, eastern part)
So, when it comes to stabbing, screwdrivers were my favourite in terms of availability and durability. Unfortunately, we cannot repair them.
So I thought it would be a good idea to add some craftable, stabbing weapons.


Crude Stake: somewhat equivalent to butter knives in performance/durability


Material: Tree Branches. Tool: KitchenKnife/ButterKnife/HuntingKnife/Chipped stone



Wooden Stake: somewhat equivalent to kitchen knives in performance/durability


Material: A Plank produces 2 stakes. Tool: Saw and Kitchen Knife / Hunting Knife. Requires woodworking level 1.



And also a "fire hardened" version.




Hardened Stake: A little inferior to the screwdriver in terms of durability


Material: Wooden Stake. Tool: Matches or Lighter. Also can be craftable if you have a campfire kit in your inventory. Requires woodworking level 2.




I will add the file shortly. Any comments and suggestions are welcome :)




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I would kindly ask for fellow topic visiter opinions (using the mod or not), regarding durability of stakes. Just opinions and suggestions. How durable should they be?


Quote from my answer in reddit (as a discussion starter here);



Unfortunately, I am no expert on woodcrafting and fire hardening. My real life woodworking skill is zero.

However, my blades skill is at least 2. I am a kendo & iaido practitioner.

When regarding blade durability, there are 3 factors involved.

1-) Is the blade full tang? (full tang = blade steel is continued inside the hilt)

2-) Is the blade stainless steel? (stainless steel tends to break easy, especially when used for stabbing. Combat knives and swords are made from stainable metalware, and they need proper cleaning / oiling. Most kitchen metalware is stainless steel)

3-) How many times the steel is folded, when crafting the blade.

So, most butter and kitchen knives are stainless, not folded and not full tang. That summarizes the durability issue.

I don't have any experience about wood durability. TBH, I was especially inspired by this youtube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuKXJ2k0B7Q

When writing the mod, my aim was to create a wooden stake that would be "easy to produce" and "durable enough to prevent it becoming a nuisance".

When you have access to a butter knife / chipped stone and forage some tree branches, crude wooden stake becomes your substitue for the butter knife.

When you have access to a kitchen knife and saw, go break some doors / cut down trees and craft proper wooden stakes, substitue for the kitchen knife.


Conclusion, "raw axe", "stone hammer"... IMHO game needed a craftable/reproduceable stabbing weapon. Durability issues will be worked out, according to user opinions :)



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Hello, great mod! Just what I was looking for! Please could you remove one of recipes in craft helper. It shows two harden wooden sticks, one is OK it uses wooden stick and fire source and second one is just bug, it shows empty requirements. 



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