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  1. I'm also interested in this... is it posible to mod a zombie behaviors? like make them go directly towards you if you are naked?
  2. All of these ideas are great . But let's try to keep it simple . I'm just happy with some xp for bashing zombies . But if we need to have a skill related to melee, one easy way of implementing it should be something like this. 1 single skill tree, no point on separating guard and maintenance, only damage or accuracy . 2 it would have similar range of a hammer . Punching at max range and pushing away if they come too close, just like regular blunt weapons. 3 hitting should have medium damage and low chance of knocking them of . Pushing should make them fall easier but have low damage. And stomping them should have high damage. Maybe at high ranks of the skill instead of a punch do a kick with similar range of a base ball bat . And at close range do a jujitsu move and trip them immediately and once they are on the ground snap their necks with an 1HitKO . You don't need to always fight zombies without a weapon . Just mix in some of these moves to keep them at bay, Trip them if needed Or Finish them of in order to save some durability in your weapons
  3. What if when npc are implemented , survives looking for shelter came to your safe house and bring a bunch of zombies with them?
  4. definitively, high damage, no protection, but really hard to find, i mean those aren't as common as boxing gloves.
  5. Great idea!! but that wouldn't be bare hand would it? any way, if the DEVs ever implement my idea, this would be a nice addition to it. but the implementation could vary, for example, if you have to equip them like a bat or axes then it would lose the main point of using melee when holding an other weapon. but if the DEVs ever implement the idea I read some time ago, where they said eventually we would be able to wear helmets to increase resistances or a raincoat to prevent getting wet when raining, at the cost of vision with the helmet and being easily spotted by zombies while using a bright yellow rain coat. they could do the same with the boxing gloves, like this + resistance against zombies and broken glass windows + higher chance of knocking off zombies - less damage (boxing gloves are meant to reduce the chance of boxes getting damage) - increasing time manipulating items (would be hard to move items around when using boxing gloves) you'll still be able to have axes, hammers or bags while wearing the gloves. while we are in the topic, crafting gloves + barbed wire would result something like: + resistance against zombies and broken glass windows + higher chance of knocking off zombies + more damage (now with barbed wire it makes sense increasing the damage) - increasing time manipulating items - less durability (similar to the nailed bat) OR/AND -more exhaustion while using them (just for balance) I like where this idea is going
  6. With the introduction of a button specific for melee without weapon attack, I get use to do the 1-2 combo, where I hit with my weapon and then push the Z's away with the melee command, and some times save some durability of my weapons by stomping with my foot the fallen Z's. But I find unappealing the fact that it doesn't bring any XP gains Since it seems that anything that can be lvl up give XP makes sense that stomping a zombie to 2° death doesn't increase the XP, but taking the risk of going hand-to-hand with such dangerous creatures deserves some kind of award... So, in order to keep the "only upgradable skills grant points" theme going, what about having an UNARMED skill line like the BLUNT and BLADE? I suggest having little impact while the skill is low, hardly pushing away the Z's and rarely make them fall down. But eventually being able to punch them in da face! knock them down easily, or even 1-hit them with a strong punch or a big stomp while in the floor... but that would be the end-game-fantasy . Any way, I'm just saying that anyone brave enough to face the Z's with only their bare hands should be awarded with some XP, and maybe include some traits that increase the skill, like the brawler does it for blunt and blade. what do you guys think?
  7. Restless Sleeper + Sleepy Head you can survive twice as long and sleep all day or/and at any time, I suggest make them exclusives so you can't take them both at the same time
  8. nice way to increase the difficulty, also if a character is cowardly it should scream also if he/she open a door and a zombie provide a jump scare!
  9. give the man a cookie!!! we DO need more blade love
  10. what about making a stabbing object, from a stone? like the cavemen? with stats similar to the hunting knife?
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