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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'll make an official thread for posting my custom buildings so that I won't fill the forums every time I do something that I consider worthy or in the mood of sharing. Hope you'll like this Questions, comments and criticism is welcomed ! <3
  2. Union City

    UNION CITY Hey everyone, Currently i have a project under way and am looking for some people to help with buildings, This thread is a proof of concept you could say to get some more help. With Louisville a still a while off I decided to take up the task of getting a good sized city into the game. This map will be released in stages as it is so huge and will be a long time before it is fully completed. Also, Yes the map does borrow the name from the last stand web browser games but otherwise has no relation If anyone would like to help out with buildings, comment here or PM me. IMGUR Album To prevent this thread being overload with screenshots here is a link to an IMGUR album for the city. I will be uploading images here regularly of areas completed for those interested Current Team Project Lead (Mapping, Sprite creation and buildings) Neutralnz1 Contributors (Building creators) Legoland99 srandiny So far we are only about two weeks in but have made good progress i have already used 90% of the residential housing from the community pack. Most recent stats Buildings: 619 Rooms: 3590 Furniture: 4886 Most recent progress (Updated Regularly). Residential Housing High School A Victorian mansion. Just one of Legoland99's many creations, Custom Sprites This map includes new sprites and variations made by myself I have made a bunch of clutter objects to make the world feel more lived in and immersive Thanks to the following This map will also contain buildings from the community. Thanks to the following forum members for your creations Atoxwarrior 956Texas BeastlyBean Blackbeard06 cmseter dko112 DoctahWong Doublebrain EUDOXIO fluffe9911 GothicGhost grivcin Jela331 kaizokuroof Leolvanov mads232 Mainulainen Project Zomboid (for 2 example buildings) rsdworker Sieben The googlator Traya Aclus Valindil Veged VikiDikRUS Way2sp00ky Z3759xy IndigoRebel zoeyflower
  3. Buildings - Sieben

    Houses Bugs: -Some of the grafitti "glows" (are highlighted) in the dark. -Zombiebungeejumping from windows (sadly I were dead already and can't watch this from outside ). +Fixed stair-bug Building is now 1x1 tilerows larger Download: Military Bugs: - experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work Download: Military Trainingground 1 V0.0 Download: Military Trainingground 2 V0.0 Download: Military Trainingground 3 V0.0 Download: Military Watchtower E/S/W V0.0 Download: - Watchtower East Download: - Watchtower South Download: - Watchtower West Military Base Entrance V0.0 Bugs: - experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work +Forgot some outer lightsources - added! Download: Military Hospital V1.0 Bugs: -Some lightning bugs -Cell Door in security room don't work, other cell doors do; Player can walk trough +Fixed machineroom containers by changing room definition +Fixed stairbug (Helicopter landing platform is now reachable) Download: Military Tent (Wood/Desert/Urban/Marine) V1.0 - heading east and south Bugs: None Download: Military Airport V1.0 - heading west, so the runway should be on the westside Bugs: None Download: Military Hangar V1.0 - heading east and south/opend and closed Bugs: None Download: Military Heliport V1.0 - It's more than a "H" Bugs: None, maybe the "pipe" (I used it as cable canal) can block the way. Download: Miscellanea Thank you TIS! Feel free to use and/ or change! Have Fun!